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Women's Sports History Essay

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Today women’s sports are less popular than men’s. Why? Mainly because men will almost always dominate women in an athletic environment because women are not that physically capable as men are, so not only do they get less interest, but it also means less media coverage, less funding and support. There are some exceptions in certain sports e.g. gymnastics, volleyball, tennis and also basketball. These particular sports are increasing in popularity, which means more media coverage, more fans and more sponsors. Other sports e.g. cycling are still struggling to compete with male equivalent.
Historically, women have been discriminated in sports, and have not been provided with the same opportunities as men. A vast disparity has existed between men’s and women’s sports including training facilities, lack of equipment, coaching staff, trainers, ...view middle of the document...

It gave women a remedy to address problems regarding sex discrimination. Main purpose of Title IX is to eliminate discrimination in federally funded activities. Following new laws, new opportunities started to appear. In the early 1980s a young and talented Czech immigrant Martina Navratilova in United States participated in tennis and only lost six matches from 1982 to 1984 and by 1985 had accumulated 8.5 million dollars in winnings. More than any other player at that time. This was the fresh and new start for women stepping in a men sports, mainly in tennis at that time, which led in gaining more popularity that also exist today. In twentieth-century, women was forced to deal with constant criticism from diehard defenders of a male sporting tradition. Female athletes and their advocates successfully managed to carve a niche for women in a sport’s culture. Nevertheless, sporting culture had a deep association with masculinity and “real” athletes, women of this century managed to occupy only marginal space in an athletic governance.
In a modern days, things have improved. Women’s tennis has strong ratings, good sponsorship and often times more exciting than men’s tennis. There is a big fan base across the globe to watch women’s soccer at the Olympics and the WNCAA championship reaches over 3 million U.S. households. We can not say the same about women’s cycling. Women races are secondary counterpart to men, have smaller prize-lists, less media coverage and fewer fans than men’s races do.


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