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Women’s Health – Assessing The Need For A Targeted And Specialized Approac

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“Women’s Health – Assessing the Need for a Targeted and Specialized Approach


Many of the diseases and conditions that affect mainly women are interlinked with similar root causes; however, placing all of the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure a cohesive management strategy remains a challenge.

Women’s Health is a collection of multi-factorial conditions and diseases that solely affect or are more prevalent in females. Many can have a serious impact on women’s overall long-term health and quality of life. There are a number of causes of Women’s Health diseases, ranging from hormonal fluctuations associated with specific points in a woman’s life through to ...view middle of the document...

Despite significant advances in Women’s Health, there are still a number of unmet needs, particularly for therapies that address the fundamental causes of many conditions that are specific to or more prevalent in women. The fact that women are living longer means that they are encountering a wider range of health issues. It also means that there are higher expectations in therapies and that factors such as quality of life are playing an increasingly important role. As the Women’s Health environment evolves and expectations in treatment increase, easier and more straightforward therapies will be needed, and there is a particular need for drugs that either address several aspects of Women’s Health or work concomitantly with others to do so. Furthermore, it is recognized that many of the different conditions that affect women are interlinked and have common root causes; however, placing all of the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure a cohesive management strategy remains a challenge. The specialists who can do this are likely to be the main points of care for Women’s Health.


The report provides an overview of issues and trends in Women’s Health, including analysis of the current market landscape and key issues driving overall treatment decisions. In addition, the report offers a view of how Women’s Health is likely to evolve, including treatment practices and new approaches in the pipeline.
The report covers and includes –
– A brief introduction to Women’s Health and the key diseases and conditions that affect women, including female cancers, psychological issues, sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular disease
– Detailed analysis of why certain diseases affect women...

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