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Women's Equality Essay

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Women’s Equality and Ethical Contributions

Women’s equality has been less than equal in past years. In the last two centuries we have witnessed many victories for the equality of women, such as the right to vote and employment. Although there have been many accomplishments, there are still many situations in our western civilization in which women are not treated as equals to the male counterpart. I will explore several topics which still effect women and their ethical implements within several ethical theories.
Women’s Voting Rights
Women’s rights have been fought over for nearly two centuries. In 1848 the first meeting for women’s voting rights was conducted in Seneca, NY “calling for ...view middle of the document...

This could create an unnecessary battle or prohibit a war that would protect the country from potential harm. With this in mind though, there are many subjects that are voted on, by men and women alike, that most have never had experience with. Men make uninformed voting decisions as well. It is dependent upon the voter to make sure they are knowledgeable in the topic and should not include sex as a contributing factor to woman’s voting rights.
Equal Pay for Women
The availability of job employment for women has increased over the years with the necessity of having a two income household. Initially, when men went to war in World War One, women had to take over the jobs left behind by their fellow man. Typically when the men returned though, the women lost their job. Equality within the work place is still a struggle, but is making improvements. According to Huffington Post, women make only 77 cents to every man’s dollar despite comparable education and job similarities (2013). The ethical theory Deontology uses the universalization test. Simply put, it is to do unto others as you would have others do unto you (Mosser, 2013). In the situation of equal pay among the sexes, we would ask the question “would men like to be paid less money for doing the same amount of work”? I believe that they would not find it fair to be paid less although they were just as qualified and accomplished the same tasks as their counterpart. A Deontologist would agree that equal pay among the sexes would be considered ethical, because it passed the universal test.
Government Positions
In the United States Congress, women only hold 18.5 percent of the seats. Additionally, women only hold 18.2 percent in The House of Representatives and 20 percent in the Senate (CAWP, 2013). While western views are progressing and women are able to hold government positions, the balance is still greatly in benefit of men. When elected officials are given the responsibility to represent a group of people and make choices that will benefit these people, should they not represent all people fairly with understanding of each other’s needs? If the government is primarily male, then the female population is not being fairly represented. Ethical Egoism is an ethical perspective that believes that if it is something that makes me happy or maximizes my utility, then it is right. If something hinders my happiness or does not maximize my utility, then it is not right (Mosser, 2013). Although most perspectives are subjective to the individual person or cultural circumstance, Ethical Egoism can be applied to this scenario....

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