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Women Of The 21st Century Essay

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Case Study: Entrepreneurship Impacting United States Women in the Twenty-First Century
Brittany DeWalt
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University

Entrepreneurship is a major cause in the twenty-first century and it is important to understand the steps it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. This paper discusses the impact entrepreneurship has on United States women in the twenty-first century. I will explore the different reasons why women are breaking from the gender-specific roles and venturing into small and medium-scale enterprises (SME). According to Toeh et al. (2008) SME has been recognized as a major source of global economic ...view middle of the document...

A thorough discussion of limitations and credibility will explain the results presented in the abstract.
Literature Review
Over the years, women battled with being housewives instead of breaking into the corporate world. As women of high standards, they have to work twice as hard as their male counterparts. Entrepreneurs are finding success these days by building their own business from the ground up, creating new jobs, and advertising their ideas through products and services. The rise of female entrepreneurs shares the same passion for ideas such as being their own boss, not worrying about loss of job security, and giving back to the community as their male counterparts. The growth rate of women starting their business has an impact on the economy and explores various aspects.
Literary authors focused on what factors contributed to entrepreneurship helping women become successful business owners. The factors included culture (Gadgil, 1954; Jenkins, 1984; Shapero, 1984); personality (McCelland, 1961; Brockhouse and Horwitz, 1986; Sexton and Upton, 1990), marginality (Geertz, 1963; Shapero, 1982; Brenner, 1987), and intentional (Learned, 1992; Katz and Gartner, 1988). Some of those business ventures range from agribusiness, biology, chemistry, construction, education, and engineering that provides more options for women who are determined to make their business successful.
Years ago, women’s position in the economy strengthened towards the end of the 20th century. Today, in many countries, the increase in the number of businesses owned by women outstrips the increase the number of businesses owned by men (Lituchy et al., 2008). In entrepreneurship this position and its nature, as Carin Holmqvist (1996, p. 180) argues, has been studied either as integrated into existing entrepreneurship and small business theory or as a specific phenomenon to form a separate theory for women’s entrepreneurship. According to her, the latter often leans on gender theories. Despite their differences, gender theories share the view that they speak on behalf of women through the eyes of women (Tong, 1998). Gendered position is social and cultural (e.g. Hanson, 1992, p. 570), and, as Harding (1996b) argues, its historical and cultural relations are fundamentally structural and symbolic, not merely properties of individuals.
Factors Influencing Entrepreneur Motivation
Motivation is an internal and external factor that stimulates desire and energy in reaching a particular goal. Schwartz, (1976) did a study on twenty female entrepreneurs and observed that their major motivations to start a business where the desire to be independent, achieve a goal, economic necessity, and a need for job stability. In addition to being independent, Scott (1986) along side Schwartz, (1976) states that improving financial situations, need for achievement, being in control, and job stability is key motivating factors for women. For example, characteristics of...

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