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Women Of Brukman Film Analysis

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Women of Brukman Film Analysis
October 6, 2015

The film “Women of Brukman” focuses on the Brukman clothing factory in 2001. This event took place when Argentina suffered an economic collapse. Due to this collapse, the factory owners and office workers abandon the factories, leaving the labourers without pay or direction. The Brukan factory was one of the many factories effected by is economic downturn. This film follows the endeavors of these abandoned workers – specifically the seamstresses – in their attempts to become independent from their previous employers and come out from under the grasp of the government. The Brukman workers attempted to overcome this obstacle by ...view middle of the document...

As noted before, workers were paid very little in compare to how much the products were being sold for. The workers only understood this fact when they took control of the business aspect. Suits were being sold for a hefty price, and workers were never paid sufficiently for the time and work they put into making this profitable product.
Under the management of the owners the workers were condemned to work under the scientific management method. Scientific management is designed to make workers the most efficient as possible; this made each person resemble a ‘machine’. This can be seen when the workers were only assigned one job, and they were not allowed to do any cross training. For example, a seamstress was not allowed to learn the trade of de threading. This was thought to make the workers become the most efficient at one job since they would only practice one skill, contrary to what the majority of them wanted. Along with this, workers were not allowed to listen to music while working or talk to any other workers. Music was thought to distract the workers, and they were told to “keep their head down and not talk to anyone” (The Women of Brukman, 2007). The owners believed these ‘distractions’ would lower their productivity. However, this was untrue, and when they were permitted to listen to music and cross train they were able to keep up with demand; they were also much happier workers. The workers, once they had gained control of the factory were happier and enjoyed working. The change in the atmosphere allowed for the workers to be more productive.

The fact that the workers were underpaid and forced to work long hours also constitutes that they were exploited by their employers. When the factory was abandoned by the owners, one of the workers describe that they “had no money” (The Women of Brukman, 2007) due to the disruption of wages paid. The workers were only paid enough to sustain basic living and never had any excess to be saved for emergencies like these. Naturally, after the owners left without paying them, the workers were facing a dire situation; they had no means of survival without being paid. In addition to being grossly underpaid, the workers also felt as if they were “stripped of their dignity” (The Women of Brukman, 2007). While working in the in the factory they were treated more like objects and tools instead of human beings; one worker describes that “working for them made me feel like a slave” (The Women of Brukman, 2007). Many of the workers felt that they were viewed by the owners/managers as “numbers, rather than people” (The Women of Brukman, 2017). Furthermore, when hardships arose in the country, many of the workers were given the choice of getting a salary cut or having the factory shut down. This essentially led to cuts in the workers’ wages by providing them with an ultimatum. Workers were considered “disposable” and could be replaced easily. All of these...

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