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Women Makes A Better Manager Essay

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The issue of when women are the leader an organization is becoming a good reason to discuss with. According to (Cohen & Huffman, 2007; Brenner and colleagues, 1989) concluded that today’s female manager expected to treat their colleagues both men and women fairly in promotion, selection and placement decisions. There is no such biased in career. Talent does not discriminate gender. Everyone can be a good manager. But to be a good manager the person need to have several things such as skills, talent and the ability in managerial. Besides, leadership roles that is the trait to lead others shown by women through their leadership style can empower followers, building trust and innovative which ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, women’s personality are suitable to be a manager because they prefer to work with to-do-list as women can do multitask that is they already know what task to be done first and later rather than men which likeable to do task one by one. Besides, when women have the same right and success as man in the workplace that will be the other driven factor to keep the women to work harder and shows woman can be a good manager. Trump (2009) for example, in her book The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life with the motto of Inspiration, Success, Confidence and Passion shows her own motivated way to be a successful woman. Several ways she propose are to struggle in any environment even have to use the uncertainty as own advantage, get noticeable by being the main character, create good reputations as it reflect woman’s best assets and the most important is identify what is the main goal of getting successful. Therefore, the useful tips by Ivanka Trump are such a good way to make women knows what they really want and become a highly motivated manager.

Good communication is a key to success in life and in business. Communication involves two way process means that the word itself comes from the idea of sharing or communing. According to Rogers (1969) communication is a process when two parties who involved in the communication form and share meaning of signals to achieve understanding. Without communication skills we can’t express thought, convince others or negotiate. However if we have a good communication skills we can expect to win arguments, make sales, educate, inform and even inspire people. In order to communicate we need to use our listening and speaking skills. Men and women have different listening skill, men with their masculine style and women with feminine style. These styles different in attending to information, listening goals and attend to nonverbal cues. Woman is the best listener because of their feminine listening styles that make them most flexible person to be approach as listening partner. Usually women have the tendency to get others feel at ease because of their nature as an active listener. This will encourage the one who talk to voice his or her views and ensure that the listener has really understood what was meant. Besides, women tend to isolate information and identify each of them rather than men style which seeking only the major points. In term of listening goals, women more likely to listen to new information and gain new understanding and new insight so they can use the information to develop relationship with listening partner. Furthermore, to communicate with others effectively it is a must to get the message sent in special way that for instance women can do it easily as it includes emotional and ethics which woman get it all. We can emphasize that a better communicator favor to women than men in management because women communicated through nonverbal.

Another point to consider is women have the...

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