Women In World War 2 Essay

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Women in World War II

When someone mentions World War II, do you groan and think, "I don't want to hear about World War II, that happened such a long time ago and it doesn't have any thing to do with me?" Did you know that swing dancing and swing music similar to that played by Big Daddy Little Daddy was popular in the 1940s? Even some recent movies such as Pearl Harbor are based on 1940s events. Since so many more movies are portraying the roles that men played during the war, I'm going to share with you the roles women played during World War II. There are three ways in which women helped the war efforts during World War II. They worked at home, worked outside of the home, and ...view middle of the document...

When women worked during this time they were usually teachers, secretaries, or librarians. But during the war, a lot of men were either drafted or enlisted, a lot of the factory jobs opened up, and no one but women were there to work. So, women became crane operators, hydraulic press operators, tractor drivers, and miners.   According to Conrad Stein, author of World at the Home Front, by 1944 40% of the workforce was made up of women and 12% in shipyards. In 1945, 19 million women worked compared to 46 million men. So now the ration is getting a little closer. And compare that to today when 65million women worked in 1999 compared to 75 million men. Now we have seen how women helped on the home front by getting jobs, let me tell you about another way women helped.
A third way that women helped the war effort way by enlisting in the military. In the early 1900s the Army/Navy Nurse Corps was started. And according to Susan Harmann, author of Home Front and Beyond, during World War II, 31.3% of all active nurses were women. And Doris weatherford, author of American Women and World War II, stated in her book that by January 1943 all of the branches of the United States military included women. Now not only could they be nurse, they could also be radio operators, secretaries, and storekeepers. But although women were now allowed in the military, they had to be of higher standards and also had to be older to enlist. And they couldn't...

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