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As a child, I remember playing with my Barbie's, teddy bears, and my pretend realistic baby dolls. I played sports but they weren't the most important aspects of my life. I felt, as being in a male dominated world, a girl would normally follow the stereotypical roles of a being a woman. Women in the past were not recognized for playing sports in which men regularly dominated such as hockey, baseball, and football. Instead, substitutes were created for women such as ringette, softball, and flag football. Men and women were always separated when it came to sports; men have always possessed the upper-body strength, dexterity, and agility needed to play these kinds of sports while women have the ...view middle of the document...

Danica Patrick is currently competing in the Indy and NASCAR racing events and is the only female that led in the Indy 500 race. She is also signed to Team Rahal with NASCAR. Annika Sorenstam was the first woman to play in the PGA with big name stars such as Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and Mike Weir. Michelle Wie, 16, is the youngest female to ever play in the LPGA and PGA at her age. She also missed the cut but placed higher than 47 other men.Professional women's leagues are available such as the WNBA, NWHL, LPGA, etc. but they are not highly renowned compared with the NBA, NHL, PGA, NFL, and MLB since the male sports are broadcasted more frequently. In the sporting world, the men obviously earn more income than the women and male athletes are highly recognized as role models. Nevertheless, a change in events are occurring, more men are getting involved with women's sports such as coaching. In the past, most coaches of female teams were women but now more men are taking the positions of coaching women's athletic teams such as basketball. It is rather ironic since men are now involved with women's sports because one of our own students, Andrea Cacace, is playing on the Boy's Varsity Hockey Team.Women in men's sports have always been a controversial issue. Many women seem to agree with the idea that they should be allowed to play with men, however, men seem to disagree stating that women do not have what it takes to play in their level. I asked a few students in the school of their opinion on women playing with men in sports. "Women should be playing separately than men because it creates sexism. Even if women play in men's sports, it still creates an image that degrades women as lower than men." Renato Bandelaria declared. "I think that if it's not available for women to play at a certain level it's alright to play with men," Madeleine Cheung reveals. "But if there are women's teams out there that do play at that level then they should play on the women's team." Andrea Cacace seems to differ from these other quotes saying, "Don't do it for other people to prove something to anyone, just do it for yourself if you're capable enough." However, Sebastien Siou stated "I don't think women should be playing with men in sports because they'll get hurt. I'd feel bad if I was playing and I hurt a...

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