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Women In Society (English Assignment)

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Prompt: Throughout history, society has dealt more severely with women than with men. Women have had a great struggle in attaining equality with men, yet often faced harsher punishments for wrongdoings.Analyze selections from various time periods to substantiate, refute, or qualify this claim.Women in SocietyOver the years, women have been treated differently in relation to men simply because of gender. Women have faced a great struggle when trying to attain equality with men, yet society has dealt more severely with women than with men when it comes to facing punishments for wrongdoings. This can be shown throughout history using texts from the bible, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel ...view middle of the document...

In this declaration, Stanton points out that women's rights are being withheld, yet they are given to the most ignorant men. She also claims that once a woman is married she is civilly dead because she is forced to promise full obedience to her husband and, in some sense of the word, they lose themselves to men, making them masters-the law giving men power to deprive women of their liberty. Stanton asserts that women are enduring social and religious degradation and that women are beginning to feel "aggrieved, oppressed, and fraudulently deprived of their most sacred rights." With Stanton's declaration in 1840, women finally began to take a stand for their rights as opposed to previous times when women simply accepted their fate.In the article The Gender Wage Gap, by John Rossheim, the unfairness of how women get paid significantly lower wages because of their gender is depicted. The article states that women in the US workforce earn substantially less than males, but some say this is because of the work and life choices women make, for example having children, not because it's a discrimination against gender. According to the Equal...

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