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Women In Psychology Essay

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Women in Psychology
Linda Wise
June 7, 2012

Women in Psychology
In the twentieth century, the thoughts and ideas from the different gender (women) were being heard, as the women started to educate themselves, it gave them the ability to influence decision making, which in that day was made only made by men. Women also had to push and fight to be heard when it came to politics and the economy issues. Soon they also fought for independency rights, which led them to the study of Psychology, which again was an aspect that had major effects on women who strived for competitive ...view middle of the document...

Most of
Anna’s education came from her father’s friends and colleagues. When she graduated high school in 1914 Anna became an elementary school teacher and translated some of her father’s works into Germany; which increased her interest in child psychology and psychoanalysis. Anna never earned a higher degree, but she became
a full member of the Vienna Psychoanalytical Society in 1922 and she began a children’s psychoanalytic practice in 1923(
In 1938 the Freud family escaped Austria and settled in London with the help of Ernest Jones and Princess Marie Bonaparte. Most of her work was done with children using the concept of undergoing analysis and using different treatment plans that would fit each child’s symptoms and disorders. In her theories, she found that children’s symptoms differ from those of adults that suffer from related developmental stages; this theory led her to write a book called “Introduction to the Technique of Child Analysis. “This book included her new approaches that would strengthen children’s egos and their psychoanalysis. In the book she seemed to put down and criticize another child analyst from Britain, called Melanie Klein, Anna, felt that Klein’s probing techquines were dangerous to the child’s unconscious life, these remakes caused a big argument between them(
For her next major work in 1936, her 'classic monograph on ego psychology and defense mechanisms, Anna Freud drew on her own clinical experience, but relied on her father's writings as the principal and authoritative source of her theoretical insights. Here her cataloguing of regression, repression, reaction formation, isolation, undoing, projection, introjection, turning against the self, reversal and sublimation helped establish the importance of the ego functions
and the concept of defense mechanisms, continuing the greater emphasis on the ego of her father (Goodwin, C. J. (2008).
Still later, she was interested in later childhood and adolescent developments, and their egos, she states that she “has always been more attracted to the latency period than the pre-Oedipal phases, emphasizing how the 'increased intellectual, scientific, and philosophical interests of this period represent attempts at mastering the drives. The problem posed by physiological maturation has been stated forcefully by Anna Freud. "Aggressive impulses are intensified to the point of complete unruliness, hunger becomes voracity, the reaction-formations, which seemed to be firmly established in the structure of the ego, threaten to fall to pieces (Goodwin, C. J. (2008).
In London, Miss Freud helped to establish her father and mother at 20 Marsefield Gardens, in the Hampstead area, where Freud died in 1939. The house was the site of the Hampstead Child...

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