Women In Politics And Abortion Essay

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The second half of the XX century has given the world a new political phenomenon - a kind of a breakthrough of women in the highest echelons of power. In several countries of Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, they took power into their own hands. The process flow of women into politics thoroughly shake the stereotype: the policy - for men, family, children - for women. But this stereotype is not broken. Overall, the proportion of women in decision-making in most countries remains low and far below their proportion in the population and labor force. Over the past thirty years the representation of women in public office has substantially increased. Although women have yet to ...view middle of the document...

In general, the weak representation of women in national legislatures is amazing. After all, with any variants of liberal democracy the right to vote is combined with the right to be elected, so it seems, in many countries, there is something wrong, just the sexual part of the national assemblies, so different from the sex composition of the population as a whole. Reflecting this concern, "Platform for Action" adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women, highlights the theme of women in decision-making bodies as one of the most important (Kumari 2006).
In part, the lack of women in institutional politics is a historical tradition, but at the same time it reflects the prejudices of party and voter population policy, they say - is "men's club." Long-standing and deep-rooted barriers to women close to the path of participation in political life, in batches as they are traditionally sent to the "female half" and assign them the role of "cheerleader." In the "masculine" political culture to be elected without resorting to some sort of electoral technologies quotas or reserved seats, women are also extremely difficult. Female candidates received less votes than men, even if you do not act purely on women's issues. And if they are on the feminist position, the success they have even less in the eyes of many voters are women represented opponents of women, families and traditions.
Attempts were made to equalize the situation. Progressive political parties behind the expansion of women's representation, trying to support women. Thus, the number of parties in Latin America (Argentina's two largest parties - Radical Civic Union and the Party of Justice, the nation's conscience Bolivian and Mexican Revolutionary Democratic Party) held a number of women in the elections with the help of informal quotas (Paxton 2007).
Other countries in attempts to "positive discrimination" of women are faced with difficulties. Sometime in the UK, for example, from some local branches of the Labour Party wanted to in their final lists were only women. From this abandoned due to the contradictions that practice the law of equal voting rights. However, after the elections in 1997 in the British Parliament sharply increased the number of women MPs from the Labour Party - to 101, representing almost a quarter of the deputies (Paxton 2007).
The usual way to increase the number of women in Parliament - conduct of the elections by party lists. If elections are held on the basis of party lists, the parties have the opportunity to include those whom they see fit - then, if the party in favor of gender equality, the list will appear and a woman. To some extent this mechanism depersonalizes procedure and prevents discrimination against candidates of the electorate on ethnic or gender. In South Africa, the ANC has gone down this path and held in the National Assembly a few women of South Africa stands in eighth place in the world for the representation of women, who now account...

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