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Running Head: Role of Women In Jazz From 1920 - 1930Jazz Music of U.S during the 1920 to 1930Role played by Women[Name of writer][Name of the institution]Jazz Music of U.S during the 1920 to 1930Role played by WomenIntroduction:Jazz is considered as America's greatest cultural achievement. It was the first local music that was developed in America. At the beginning jazz was just a kind of dance music that was performed by bands, but by the time the rhythm became the most important element of music. Jazz was divided into different style, which included fast and slow, both kinds of tracks.In early days, women were not considered to be a part of professionalism. But ...view middle of the document...

Bessie's first records were made in 1923, through that she introduced the best quality of jazz music that is easily communicated by even today's listeners. At a time when the blues were in and most vocalists were being dubbed "blues singers," Bessie Smith simply had no competition.After taking part in the same show with the legend Ma Rainey, Bessie started her music career under her mentoring. By 1920, Bessie was doing her own shows. She was soon signed by well-known company Columbia, and her first recording made her famous. Bessie Smith worked and recorded steadily throughout the decade, using many top musicians as sidemen on sessionsBy 1929 the blues were out-of-fashion and Bessie Smith's career was declining despite being at the peak of her powers and she was still only 35. At this crucial time she was even dumped by Columbia, but she kept on struggling. She played as a substitute for Billie Holiday in various shows, and also played Apollo in 1935. From here, her good times were to start but unfortunately she was killed in a car crash when she was in Mississippi. 2Mildred Bailey: (1907-1951)Mildred Bailey was an early jazz singer with a sweet voice. She balanced a good deal of popular success with a hot jazz-slanted career that saw her billed as Mrs. Swing where her husband, Red Norvo, was Mr. Swing. She started performing at an early age, Bailey used to sing and play piano in movie theaters during the start of 20's. By 1925, she was the headlining act at a club in Hollywood, doing a mixture of pop and early jazz tunes Influenced by Ethel Waters, Bessie Smith, and Connie Boswell; she developed a soft, swinging delivery that pleased all kinds of nightclub audiences in the area. She sent a demonstration disc to Paul Whiteman in 1929 that help her in attaining a place in one of the most popular dance orchestras of those days.Her co-ordination with Whiteman soon gave her chance to perform on her own radio program. She debuted on a recording date with the famous guitarist Eddie Lang in 1929. In 1932 Hoagie Carmichael wrote a wonderful song for her that was known as "Rockin' Chair". This song really worked for her fame. She often used to utilize her husband Red Norvo for her Vocalion. Norvo was a xylophonist. Later she appeared on his recordings too. Bailey continued performing even after her divorce with Red Norvo. By the late 40's, she started facing severe health issues. She suffered from diabetes and died of a heart attack in a hospital in 1951. 3Ethel Waters: (1896-1977)Ethel Waters had a long and varied career, and were one of the first true jazz singers to record. She became a movie star and s stage singer in the 1930's, after facing challenging racism with her utmost talent. She grew up near Philadelphia and, unlike many of her contemporaries, developed a clear and easily understandable pronunciation. Originally classified as a blues singer, Waters' jazz-oriented recordings of 1921-1928 swung before that term was even coined. A star early...

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