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Women In Athletic Training Profession Essay

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For so long, the Athletic Training profession has been dominated by men. In the article “Women in Athletic Training”, the author Marcia K. Anderson does a study that describes what the pioneer women of athletic training had to go through during a time of male dominance. Women entered the athletic training realm as the underlings and weren’t respected as athletic trainers. “The purpose of the study was to describe, from their perspectives, the early experiences of women . . .,” (Anderson 42) rather than building an argument on how she feels about the situation, she’s going to be the middle man and explain their stories. It’s important for an author to establish credibility or ethos because ...view middle of the document...

Not even a little piece to make the audience believe it’s edible. People are going to be timid to try it just because the person advertising it won’t even eat it. In certain situations, it’s okay to leave out how she feels, but this was a time where the reader could have benefited from hearing her thoughts. It’s important for the reader to get a feel on the author’s take rather than just being presented with facts. Then again, presenting facts may have saved her credibility “. . . . over 43 percent of the 12,000 active members of NATA are women. . . .,” (Anderson 42) because she actually cites where she is getting the information from, so it shows that she did some research on the topic before writing this article. Rather than just diving head first into the piece without any experience or research, she prepared herself.
Upon opening the article, the reader is informed that the women were interviewed using a semi-structured format (Anderson 42). This means, she sat down with them and allowed the women to go wherever they wanted with the conversation while, of course, keeping it on the parameters of the topic at hand. The interview pretty much a managed verbal exchange between the two of them. This could also be considered a plus to her credibility because it shows that the interviewees were less likely to be swayed by the interviewer.
Saying that it was less likely for Anderson to sway her interviewees by using semi-structured format doesn’t mean they weren’t able to alter her perspective on the topic. Now, getting to the point as to how her interviewing style lessened her credibility, the free responses from the women could have swayed Anderson’s opinion. This also carries back to how she doesn’t include her personal thoughts in the article. The reader has no information on her thoughts prior to this study. So who’s to say whether or not the women let out some triggering information and caused her to do a total one eighty on how she...

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