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Empowering Female Youth for Leadership through Higher Education in Nigeria

Adegun Olajire Adeola and 2Akomolafe Comfort Olufunke

Institute of Education, University of Ado Ekiti. Department of Educational Foundations and Management, University of Ado Ekiti.



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Empowering females for future leadership has high prospects. It could include increasing female’s potentials that will could to building a virile nation, producing better women, better home makers, better future leaders and a better society. NO KEY WORDS __________________________________________________________________________________________ Keywords: youth empowerment, female youth, leadership, higher education, gender inequality, empowering strategies __________________________________________________________________________________________ I TRODUCTIO Access to education is an indication of females’ Education is an important tool for promoting gender status in a nation (Aina 1994). This is supported by equality and advancement of female youths in socioOnokala and Onah (1998) while Duyilemi (2007) economic and political development of nation. Female youths who later translate to women are at noted that the percentage of female in the academic the center of activities in the family, society, the sector is still very low. The co-existence of male and community and all facets of life. Their contributions female has been observed to witness inequalities and to the household chores, income earning activities, discrimination against females. Okiyi (2005) for community participation, community management example emphasised that females are marginalized, roles and other areas of life cannot be overlooked. subjugated and discriminated against in the areas of Despite these, female youths’ access to power has decision making, the economy, politics, employment been observed to be limited because of their low and so on. The Millennium Development Goals level of education (Aina, 1994). Disparity is noticed (2000), the Education for All (EFA 1990), Dakar in the pattern of student’s enrolment in various (2000) and the Beijing platform have consistently faculties in the universities and the colleges. Ajayi, placed emphasis on the importance of education in Goma and Johnson (1996) stressed that the ratio of promoting gender equality and advancement. The men to women on enrolment confirms the fact that society cannot afford not to have females in lukewarm attitude towards female’s education is a leadership positions. It is noticed that females common phenomenon. Bush (2006) stressed that occupy positions in the junior cadre of the civil females are greatly underrepresented in senior service; most females are teachers, nurses and positions in education as in many other occupations. clerical officers (Bush 2006). Even in tertiary He stated further that men dominate numerically in institutions most females are in the junior cadre of senior positions in all phases of education with the administration. (Duyilemi, 2007). exception of nursery and infant schools. According Access to higher education for females at this to UN African Recovery, No. 11 of April 1998, only junction is very vital so as to attain a higher status six percent females are in professional,...

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