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Women And Feminism Essay

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Nadia Hercules
Elaine Zundl
ISS Women Leadership 14
September 18, 2014
Personal Reflection
Society plays a big role on how individuals act and perceive their environment. Its society the one that chooses what certain sex is supposed to act. Once an individual goes outside questions the norms, society makes that individual an outcast. The reason behind is because people love to be loved back just to become accepted by society. Society has a great impact on gender and how an individual is expected to act based on societal rules. Judith Lorber in her essay “Night To His Day” explains how individuals try to put a gender once a baby is born, those expectations of gender then creates gender ...view middle of the document...

In the Hispanic culture, especially Honduras, the country that I come from, woman and men are given specific norms, once a person deviates from the dorms that person is frowned upon and eventually becomes an outcast of society. This is because as human beings, we like to categorize in order to maintain order in a disorderly world and not feel the uneasy feeling of the unknown. Lorber’s exquisitely explains, “Gender, like culture, is a human production that depends on everyone constantly “doing gender”…one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman..; it is civilization as a whole that produces this creature…which is described as feminine” (101). Lorber emphasizes the phrase “doing gender” to describe how whenever we see someone of a specific sex one automatically assigns certain characteristic of what that individual is supposed to be doing depending on her sex. Just like every culture has a different role of what a female or male is ought to do. However, not because an individual is female or male she or he is supposed to follow what society expects and there is where my beliefs come into play. As a “heterosexual women” I feel that I have many advantages, however, when societal norms come into play every women is at jeopardy of being targeted because of their sex, just because of being a women. In Honduran culture the majority of girls are supposed to be house wives, and tend to the necessities of the home, this kind of mentality does not push girls to aspire for more, girls just give up to conformity of what the majority does. Additionally, what aggravates my moral, is that those women when they migrate to the United States still fall under the same culture, however, the only difference is that they work outside of home, but they have to back home tend the kids, have food, and treat the men nice. It is just a dichotomy between both genders when it should not be, both parties should do the same amount of work and the same responsibilities instead of just the women doing...

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