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Women And Combat Essay

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Women and Combat

Women should not be allowed in combat situations. As a woman I know all the arguments of equality in the work force. Also being in a family with former and current military persons I see the arguments and effects of military life. The pentagon has changed some of its rules but not many. Physical limitations, psychological effects, maternal instinct with the possibility of becoming a target are still all reasons women should not be in combat situations.
The pentagon has recently changed rules about women in combat. “The new rules will continue the long-held prohibition that prevents women from serving as infantry, armor and special operations forces. But they will formally allow ...view middle of the document...

For example all Special Forces training are hard, grueling, exercises to bring a person to their lowest levels and rebuild them. Even if a woman did go through the training it is most likely that the said person would quit. Many train for months even years and still withdraw them self from the training.
The psychological effects of combat are widely known. Post-traumatic stress syndrome effect a lot of former and current military members of both genders. The stress of actually harming or the act of killing a person has a huge effect on a person’s psyche. A lot of people don’t know how they will act if they actually have to harm someone.
Almost every woman has a maternal instinct. If a woman was in a situation with a child, she would naturally try and protect the child. Even if the person she thought was a child was not and leveled a weapon at her, she might not react in time. This goes the same with a woman in the unit. A male unit or team member without knowing it will try and protect the female in the group. This is part of training and natural habit for most men. If an enemy unit sees a woman in a secluded place, which combat units are. Then they will target this team faster. They can single a person out. A woman is out of place in war and is more so noticeable when she is in a uniform.
Although the pentagon has changed its rules, I for one believe that woman should not be in combat situations or units. Physical limitations, psychological effects, maternal instinct with the possibility of becoming a target are my main concerns. It has been this way for a long time. There are just some jobs in the military that woman should not obtain.

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