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Woman Can Get Hurt Essay

400 words - 2 pages

“Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” Pg. 600, #2

A Man and Woman’s Objectification on Gender

Jean Kilbourne, the author of “Two ways a Woman Can Get Hurt”, argues in her piece that advertising affects us in very profound and potentially damaging ways. She begins to explain to us about complex relationships between ads and human behavior that we may never have even realized. In her article, Jean Kilbourne addresses many ways in which a woman is hurt, both mentally and physically, through advertising and ads that could seem to be harmless to most. ...view middle of the document...

According to Kilbourne it is dangerous to depict women and men as sex objects because once a human is turned into an object it justifies violence against that person. She believes the objectification of women is more troubling than men because there is very little risk for men where as women are always at risk. "When men objectify women, they do so in a cultural context in which women are constantly objectified and in which there are consequences-from economic discrimination to violence" (588). Trends in advertising to objectify women tend to be more troubling than the male equivalent in advertising. However, in a sense these ads can be as damaging for men as they are for women. They try and convince men that they need to be dominant at all times, and that to "score" with a woman, they should treat her poorly. In this sense, men are victimized by these advertisements as well. Obviously this is not the same circumstance as it is with women. The objectification of women is much more immediately. I have to agree with Kilbourne on all of her points written in the story. I think advertising does have a subconscious effect of people and their reactions to violence against women. Some of her examples are just shocking and hard to believe is happening today. 

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