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Wolf On Wall Street Essay

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The Wolf on Wall Street
The movie, The Wolf on Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese is a great movie for many reasons. The Wolf on Wall Street gives a deep message to viewers that reflect on the American Dream although in the movie it tells a story of a corrupted American dream. I definitely recommend The Wolf on Wall Street for its talented actors, the plot, and its unique message it gives to viewers. Having talented actors is the key to a good movie because they contribute to its audience emotions. Many viewers can relate to this movie especially to those who love money.
The Wolf on Wall Street takes place in New York in the late 80’s. It reflects to the ...view middle of the document...

The message The Wolf on Wall Street is very fascinating. It contradicts the real American dream, which is going to college, having a career, and living life to the fullest. The American Dream in The Wolf on Wall Street isn't about becoming middle class and having your kids go to college, it's about becoming ridiculously rich. But the institutions that allow people to become ridiculously rich (Wall Street banks, etc.) are not open to people with the wrong background and without the correct connections and breeding. So in light of that contradiction, the only way for normal people to achieve the American dream is to find something that is in a grey area of the law. Thus the story depicts how Jordan Belfort took a group of losers from Long Island and turned them into sales geniuses that could sell stocks like crazy, many of them penny stocks or scammy IPOs or other schemes.
The movie features several scenes where Belfort delivers powerful, motivational speeches to the brokers at Stratton Oakmont (his brokerage) and to some they may recall the famous speech of Gordon Gekko in "Wall Street." But they are actually more similar to Tom Cruise's character in "Magnolia," who gives workshops to losers purporting to teach them how to be as successful as he is with women. Even though they all lack his charisma and good looks.
It makes for an inherently interesting theme of how people who lack resources such as connections, education, social graces, good looks etc. can achieve wild success. This connects with many viewers and gives them motivation.
A perfect cast is very important for a movie. Without a perfect cast the movie will not be able to fetch much profit for its producers. It is the cast of the movie that serves as an appealing factor amongst the audiences who are lured to the cinema halls so that they can have a look of their favorite actors or actresses. The cast of the movie is even more important than the director. The movie is given importance because of its cast and it is the cast that can either make or break a movie. The Wolf on Wall Street stars Leonardo DiCaprio who is best known for playing the main role in the classic movie, Titanic. DiCaprio also stars in The Great Gatspy, Shutter Island, and etc. Leonardo DiCaprio won best performance by an actor in a motion picture musical or comedy and was...

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