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Wk 5 Assignment Mastering A Skill

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With America’s society being so different from that of other countries, more specifically when it comes to modes of transportation, we have made the need to drive vehicles to go wherever we need to go. From the daily commute to work or school, to trips to the doctor’s office, grocery store and church, a skill that would benefit everyone to have would be vehicle repair.

There are many people do not know much about the vehicles they drive, so they allow the opportunity to get scammed by bringing their vehicles to less than reputable mechanics.

As much as I hate to admit this, it seems too, that woman are among one of the more frequently targeted groups of people to suffer from paying for ...view middle of the document...

00. This was more than I paid for the car to begin with!

At this point, not only did we have no idea what any of it was or meant, we were in a panic, trying to figure out a way to come up with such a large sum of money in such a short amount of time. This man suggested borrowing money from friends or family, and even trying to take out a loan either through a bank or through a program called Car Care.

We had him verify no work was done to the vehicle, and he did. After asking him to continue holding off on the work he quoted with an agreement, I hung up the phone with him and my partner and I started calling around to different garages in town.

It was discovered while calling many other mechanics, that the garage we took my car was notorious for conning people out of large amounts of money for work unnecessary or work they never did.

We worked diligently and came across a man named Roger, who became our mechanic for everything. We had our car towed to Roger’s garage because he said he would look at it free of charge and call us with his...

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