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Wk 5 Assignment

1297 words - 6 pages

Week 5 Assignment

Kanit Dararutana

Dr. Thomas Hennefer

BUS 642 – Business Research Methods & Tools

Ashford University

4 February 2013

Week 5 Assignment

Making Research Decisions

2) Suppose you were preparing two-way tables of percentages for the following pairs of variables. How would you run the percentages?

a) Age and consumption of breakfast cereal.

Here I would use cross tabulation because there are two variables and start by listing age in the left most column. Each row would represent every age concerned, and then the following columns would be the amount or type of cereal consumed depending on what the question desired.

b) Family income and ...view middle of the document...

First, Penton media identified the management dilemma – that ad advertising might not be generating as many leads as in the past. Next, they developed their management question – should they lower advertisement revenues if ads are not generating as much as before? They went on to develop their survey and research questions which included whether or not they made or planned to make purchase inquiries that year, what methods they would prefer to make the inquiries and whether or not they used the internet. Their investigative questions detailed whether or not they had phone, fax, or internet access and their measurement questions included whether the buyer made purchasing decisions based on their methods. This resulted in revealing that buyers were influenced by a greater demand on productivity, the fast pace of business and the cost of production. The management decision in the end concluded that the buyers behavior depended on how immediate their concern was and that the key was giving the buyer the information they wanted quickly.
2) What ethical issues are relevant to this study?
None that I know of – all information is requested not taken, everyone called has an equal chance to participate.
3) Describe the sampling plan. Analyze its strengths and weaknesses.
The sample was drawn from domestic subscribers, initially with a small sample, then a sample of 300 and finally with 4,000 Penton employees. Of them, 676 indicated that they were purchase decision makers of their organization. This sample size is large and has potential to be random, however because the pool is so large in the Penton employee category, much of the data may be skewed to however Penton employees may behave. It may not be relevant to worldwide. In addition, because they surveyed subscribers, they are only finding out information from people who already intend to respond and not from a larger sampling which might include people who do not want to respond to ads.
4) Describe the research design. Analyze its strengths and weaknesses.
The design included a number of survey questions with varying number of choices. Most of the questions required the surveyed person to decide on scales of 1-3 or 1-4. This will allow those taking the survey to find where they fit, but will not determine if certain parameters are a little above the middle or greatly above the middle like question 4a which states has increased or has decreased – we wont know by how much or how impressive it might be.
5) Critique the survey used for the study.
Because the survey allows for check all that apply, some data, when compared in the situations where the variable was a part of the “all that apply” question, may be confusing because information may be counted twice or...

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