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   Background: You have been assigned to teach a 1-session class to adults regarding gender Identity and gender roles.
•       Resources: the information in chapter 6 of the text book, supplemental research as needed, scoring rubric.
•       Outline a lesson plan describing the factors which contribute to gender identification and gender roles. Include the following in your lesson plan:
o   State the factors that determine gender identity.
o   Explain how a person’s masculine and feminine traits can be described using the continuum of masculinity-femininity.
o   Describe three (3) factors in your own life that have helped determine your gender identity.
o   Discuss the ...view middle of the document...

After fertilization the zygote divides repeatedly for weeks until one cell has become billions of cells.
B. At about three weeks a primitive heart begins pumping blood through the embryonic bloodstream.
C. At about five to six weeks the embryo is about ¼ to ½ inches long. We are not able to see the sex glands yet but they have already formed.
D. During the first six weeks of prenatal development the embryo develops along similar lines of both sexes and resemble primitive female structures.
E. The seventh week of conception the genetic code begins to form more clearly. If the embryo was fertilized with an x chromosome it continues to grow into a female. If a y chromosome fertilized the egg the embryo the testes to begin to differentiate
F. Female gonads develop later than the male gonads. Ovaries begin to form at eleven or twelve weeks.
III. Gender Identity is our psychological knowing or a sense of being male or female.
A. By the age of three most children already know if they are male or female.
B. In most cases this is determined before birth but there are rare cases of individuals being born with an external sex organ that does not match their gender identity. These individuals are called intersexual.
C. Hormonal errors can occur during prenatal development and can cause various congenital defects.
1. Hermaphrodites are born with both ovarian and testicular tissue. They have one testicle and one ovary. Hermaphrodites often assume the gender identity and gender role of the sex assigned at birth and are rare.
2. The more common error during prenatal development is Intersexualism, which occurs in one to one thousand. Intersexuals have testes or ovaries they never have both. The most common form of female intersexualism is congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia takes place when a genetic female has internal genetic female sexual structures but masculinized external genitals.
3. There are many different varieties of androgen-insensitivity syndrome. One involves males due to a mutation in their genes have lower than normal prenatal sensitivity to androgens. This results their genitals not to become masculinized.
4. Dominican Republic syndrome is a form of intersexualism. It is a genetic enzyme disorder that prevents testosterone from masculinizing the male’s external genitals.
5. Transsexuals are individuals that desire to be the opposite sex that they are and they live their lives as the opposite sex.

IV. Gender roles are complex clusters of many expectations for males and females to behave.
A. The stereotypical role of a female includes traits like being gentle, kind, helpful, patient, and submissive. Females are usually seen as emotional and warm individuals.
B. The stereotypical roles of a male include traits like being tough, protective and...

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