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Witherspoon Case Essay

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Wilson Corporation

TO: Mr. A.C. Zucaro
Chief Executive Officer

FROM: Mrs. LaVonna Thomas
External Management Consultant

DATE: January 15, 1999

SUBJECT: Great West Casualty v. Estate of D. Witherspoon

After I read about the Great West Casualty v. Estate of G. Witherspoon case it has attracted me to recommend the company to do something that could help save company business and save your reputation. Also it is important that, the company should act fast and work on their communication skills.


Great West Casualty Company is known for serving the special needs of the trucking industry, which now has an issue with bad public relations. From an accident that took place on July 1. 1998, the adjuster at Great West Casualty Company has made a small issue into a legal issue ...view middle of the document...


With this stated above you have to beware of the consequences of this problem. Great West Casualty Company has to review their communications guidelines before the loss of business, staff, and loyal or potential customers. This issue may also bring many problems against the Great West Casualty Company in future client business. Also you should keep in mind ways that will prevent this situations accruing again.


To prevent from repeating the same crisis in the future and keeping your staff and loyal clients or gaining potential customers, the following are some recommendations that I would suggest considering:

1. Notify the Media: Let the public know that there was a miss understanding / communication problem. (Action: Communications)

2. Schedule a Staff Meeting: This staff meeting is to explain what the situation is and that the company still has a good reputation. (Action: Human Resources)

3. Establish a Crisis Team: This team should consist of communications, human resources, finances and legal departments. This will be a great help so that not only one person is doing the job. (Action: Manager)

4. Notify Ms. Lang: Explain to her that it was a miss understanding when she spoke with the adjuster. (Action: Communications)

5. Develop a Crisis Communication plan: By developing this plan this will help with future business crisis. (Action: Manager)

6. Notify Customers: Write a brief memo to customers about the issue and apologize for any problems that the company may have cause to them. (Action: Communications)

7. Send a Tribute: On behalf of Ms. Lang you can send a tribute to Ms. Witherspoon’s place of work to show your condolences.(Action: Legal Department)


If all necessary actions and changes that are stated above are completed, the company will no longer have miss understanding phone calls or have to worry about legal issues against the company.

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