With Reference To Attachment Theory Discuss The Importance Of Early Childhood To Emotional Development

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With reference to Attachment Theory discuss the importance of early childhood to emotional development.

With reference to Attachment Theory this topic will discuss the importance of early childhood to emotional development. This work will be more focused in the development of the emotion of fear, anxiety and security or insecurity. For that reason, Bowlby’s theory is going to be considered due to the fact what he is the first attachment theorist, describing attachment as a ‘lasting psychological connectedness between human beings’ (Bowlby, 1964,p. 194). Bowlby believed that the earliest bonds formed by children with their caregivers have a great impact than will go on later on. ...view middle of the document...

Lewis considers that “anxiety is used to refer to an emotional state with the subjectively experienced quality of fear or a closely related emotion.” Later on, other theorists consider the words “anxiety and “fear” as closely related. Moreover, the tradition of psychoanalytic theories about fear and anxieties followed the model of motivation that Freud took in his previews creations, long ago he was aware that obstacles of separation and loss are focused to psychopathology, and that he keeps after that time in his metapsychological theories.
The postulate is when the mother requests only the case when she is able to reduce the arising tension of unmet physiological drives. It has missed because it is feared, this tension will be unrelieved. This theory still has a strong influence on clinical thinking. For example, this is the supposition that guided Freud (1926 a) to think, “The reason why the infant in arms want to perceive the presence of its mother is only because it already knows by experience that she satisfied all its needs without delay”. According to Bowlby’s theory of attachment and loss, children’s fear is not because of unconscious anxiety including unacknowledged feelings towards their caregivers. Its base is the emotional attachment that a child needs to survive. An infant must have a deep attachment to its mother for physical and emotional reasons. Moreover, a baby who is separated from its mother so soon, becomes disturbed so as a result, this separation can show a response with symptoms that has a similar appearance to separation anxiety.

Schaffer and Emerson found that fear to stranger occurred about a month later in all the children. They studied 60 babies in different months during the first 18 months of their life. They all ere studied in their own homes. They did the study in two different ways: using separation anxiety and fear of extrangers. In order to see how the reaction of a baby is when it is separated from its caregiver, the infant was left alone in a room. He also was left with other people alone in his or her pram out of the house; they left the child alone in his or her cot at night. On the other hand, using stranger anxiety, the infant started to whimper when some extrange went closed to him or her. When this happens, it can display anxiety. Separation protest and extranger anxiety are signs that can show if the attachment has been formed or not. However, we can find individual references in this study. There were mothers who responded quickly when the child demands her (high reponsiveness) and who where always offering the child the most interaction. On the other hand, infants whose mothers did not pay to them much attention, there ill be a weak attachment so mothers failed to interact. Moreover, we know when an infant is attached just because he or she can feel that the caregiver is missing so he or she becomes anxious. Separation anxiety is a fear that a child may feel due to the fact of being apart from...

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