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Wireless Network Essay

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Wireless network
Wireless mobile computing solutions adoption has been of benefit to government institutions and learning institutions among others. This is as a result of higher customer satisfaction and higher productivity. Wireless network is a computer network which is not connected by any cable. This assists business enterprises and organizations to avoid cabling value in a building. The network is implemented by use of radio waves for transmission. This paper will discuss how to handle wireless security in an organization.
Currently, about 150 million organization world wide use wireless technologies. The technology is implemented to make advantages over ...view middle of the document...

E-learning services have been introduced widely worldwide. E-learning is the implementation of technology to enhance learning processes where information can be accessed on the internet. This has made education industry to gain new potentials as learning tools from the internet features. One of the study features is web applications among others. This has led to development of new teaching methods as well as provision of equal opportunities to learners. Additionally, it has led to improvement in the student performance worldwide. However, internet services in research institutions have led to criminal activities in the learning areas. Information on the internet is exposed continuously to security threats. E-learning environment has been affected by security threats.
Use of E-learning technology started in 1980s in order to promote learning in different institutions. Higher education institutions have drastically changed over the past years due to this technology. This has improved the quality of education as well as the services offered in these institutions. Distance learning education in these institutions has significantly improved. Lectures post learning materials on the internet for students to read them. There are distinct advantages of wireless technologies in learning institutions. One of the advantages is efficiency in data access and resources online (Treek, 2003). Advance wireless solutions allow teachers and student to share applications, email and shared information without constraints. Secondly, it allows easy network setup without cable installation. This allows computing devices such as printers, handhelds, tablets, desktops, laptops and workstations to communicate wireless. This offers convenience, cost advantages and efficiency as compared to wired networks. The third advantage is that is allows users to access real-time information from different places of the organizations. For instance, if the learning institution has different branches information can be accesses from these work stations. Learning institutions have adopted wireless solutions to improve competitiveness. This is as a result of easy and fast network (Goldsmith, 2005).
When managing, implementing, designing and planning network communications, security is a vital concern. Poor security in an organization exposes company information to threats. Wireless network represent an entry point for attacks which can make the entire network to collapse. Wireless radio signals extend beyond the physical boundaries in a building. These transmissions extend to public places such as other buildings, parks and roads. This exposes the network to hackers who can access company information. In addition, this is motivated by use of free software’s and hardware’s which overcome WEP encryption capabilities and corporate wireless data. Wireless network is exposed to unapproved deployments. Students and lectures may not wait for the IT department for network...

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