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Wireless Case Study

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Case Study 2
Jeffery Long

What makes Zero1 unique is it uses only the wireless data links to handsets, rather than cellular voice links. It relies on others GSM network for service. However uses its own network except for last mile. When comparing the PSTN and the Voip network use a different set of protocols. For example, Voip uses TCP-IP, and the Session Initiation Protocol. The PSTN uses TDM frames in multiplexing, in addition to signaling protocols. Which is why, Voip requires an interface to sit at the border of both systems. Also on the PSTN voice is analog with the exception of when it goes thru the switch it becomes digital thru TDM. Most VOIP must interface to ...view middle of the document...

Over a VoIP network its similar except a fake customer service rep could be trying to get you to give him/her your information. Some of the services offered by VoIP providers include unlimited calling to any numbers in the U.S. and other countries for a set price.  Visual Voicemail (VVM) is another service offered by VoIP providers.  VVM allows you to visually see who called you, listen to the message if you wish and call back or delete the message.    As companies improve and mature, they become more competitive.  Therefore, a customer should choose carefully.  Some companies may have better telephone service, but not the best customer support, for example. Some of the security risks in IP based systems are identity spoofing, eavesdropping, Denial of Service, Distributed Denial of Service, and unwanted traffic. With something called toll fraud, someone could hack into the system and change the billing system so they have free calls.  Someone could tap the network and intercept calls illegally.  The call could be denied or rerouted illegally.  The network could be taken over by a hacker.  A hacker could obtain the name and other information illegally from a user. Call jacking refers to an attacker inserting a spoofed response to a call initiation request sent by a user. The attacker sends a...

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