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Winter Park Memorial Hospital Essay

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Management Summary 3

Economic Projections 4
The Market- Qualitative ………………………………………………………………………………………...4-5

The Market- Quantitative ................................................................................................................. 5

Trend Analysis ..................................................................................................................................... 5

Competition ........................................................................................................................................5-6

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With over 2,700 babies born here annually, our Level II NICU is specialized with the most sophisticated technology and employs some of Central Florida's most respected health care professionals and specialty physicians” (WPMH, 2009).

As construction is underway for the expansion of the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place, the purpose of this marketing plan is to create awareness and attract philanthropic support from the community.

Economic Projections

As construction continues for the expansion of the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place, the city of Winter Park can expect a significant economic increase upon construction completion. The new facility will generate several new job as well as increased personal income for its employees. Although the new facility is expecting to stimulate the economy in the Winter Park area, the facility faces deflationary pressure with persistent decreases in the level of consumer prices and a reduction in available currency and credit.

The Market- Qualitative

The profile for Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place customers consists of the following geographic, demographic, and psychographic factors.


• Central Florida area (Brevard, Orange, Seminole, Lake, and Volusia counties).

• Zip codes beginning with 321, 327-329, and 347.

• A 120-mile radius surrounding the hospitals location.


• Women between the ages of 16-50.

• Women who are partially, totally, or are interested in bearing a child.

• OB/GYN offices in the Central Florida area.


• Segmentation by lifestyle based on their behavioral characteristics, attitudes, and opinions.

• Social Class information used for consumer buying behavior.

The Market- Quantitative

With over 50 years of experience Winter Park Memorial Hospital possesses a great amount information regarding the market of obstetric care. This information will be used to continually research the needs of patients and how to serve them better.

Trend Analysis

The care of mothers and their babies has changed significantly in the past ten year. Mother and baby care has gone from general hospital services to state of the art five-star service. Regardless of how the industry has changed Winter Park Memorial Hospital Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place strives to provide exceptional care and expertise to its patients.


The hospital business in the Central Florida area is a multi-billion dollar industry that is highly competitive. Well-known hospitals in the area specializing in obstetrics like Winnie Palmer, apart of the Orlando Health Group, and Florida Hospital Altamonte Baby Place seek patient to provide services for. Winter Park Memorial Hospital Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place believes that a special niche exists within the services of obstetrics that other hospitals do not provide when dealing with patients. By providing five-star...

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