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"Winter" By John Marsden. Discuss The Theme Of Personal Growth In The Story. How Does This Affect Winter?

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The story, titled ‘Winter’, follows a sixteen year old girl named Winter on her path of personal growth. Her return to her home town of Warriewood, sparks a chain of cataclysmic events that cause Winter to explore the mysteries of her shadowed past; thus guiding her along her personal journey of growth. Winter starts as a person who hides her feelings and by the end of the story she is able to express herself. After discovering this new way of expressing herself, Winter begins to open up to people and form new relationships. During the entire course of the story Winter discovers the truth of her childhood. This creates a route of discovery and development that ends in her moving on and ...view middle of the document...

The first steps Winter takes into Warriewood find her alone and feeling as if nobody cares about her, however by the end of her journey she is falling head over heels in love. At the start Winter doesn’t know anyone, and has lost the attention she constantly craves from others. She pushes everyone away. This is the first phase she moves through, feeling helpless and as if everyone is against her. This is shown when Ralph and Sylvia invite winter to stay in their house. Instead of graciously accepting the offer as a kind gesture, Winter interprets it as a way of Ralph and Sylvia trapping her in their territory. The second period Winter moves through is beginning to feel a sort of openness towards others. She starts to explore and build new friendships, though she still holds an air of caution around her. Winter meets Jessica while over at her house for dinner one night, and strikes up a rather strong friendship with her. They talk for ages and Winter finds that she may be able to trust Jessica. Winter shows just how much she had grown from feeling helpless and alone, when she accepts the position at the music college Jessica attends. The final stage Winter goes through, closer to the end of the novel, is the faze of total acceptance of her feelings and others by falling in love with Matthew. By finding this new way of expressing herself, Winter is actually able to form new relationships with others. In these ways Winter truly personally grows into a more accepting and trusting individual.
The entire tale follows Winter on the pathway leading to the truth of her furtive past. By returning to her home, Winter embarks on a hunt for the facts of her childhood. The beginning of her quest finds her confused about how her parents actually passed away as she believed they had both died together in a boating accident. By visiting her parents graves she finds her mothers death was not recorded...

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