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Winston Churchill Essay

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Journalist, historian, solider, painter, he was also one of the greatest leaders of our time. His name was Winston Churchill and he rallied the nation in its darkest hour.
Even tough he was one of Britain’s greatest leaders, he was also one of the hardest man to work with. With many failures in his political career his opponents called him “A man with a brilliant future behind him”. (Churchill the maverick politician)
But most of his colleges and friends will remember him as a hardworking man who, after every failure, pulled himself back and began anew.
Few people remember his early days.
He was born in aristocracy, his father Lord Randolph Churchill was the youngest son of the Duke of ...view middle of the document...

He spent the next four years as a regular solider fighting in India and in this period he wrote newspaper articles, and at twenty-three he published his first book, “A graphic account of the war on the north-west frontier”.
In 1899 he went to South Africa to report on the war. On the 15th November a train with a hundred and fifty soldiers on board, including Churchill, set off to patrol. The train was ambushed, and during the attack Churchill took command. He was successful to take sixty man to safety, but when he went back to support the remaining troops he was captured by the enemies and taken prisoner. When the press wrote about his endeavors he became an immediate hero. He was able to escape from the prison he was held in by jumping over the wall and docking a train. He was wanted dead or alive. Later in one of his books Churchill wrote, “I certainly hated every minute of my captivity more than I hated any other period of my whole life”. (Churchill 259)
Eventually he appeared in Dublin, where he delivered speeches on how he escaped, and after some time he even wrote a book about it. Now it was time for Churchill to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the political career.
In 1900 Churchill joined the parliament as a conservative, but later in 1904 he changed party’s from conservatives to the liberals. At the age of 30 he was appointed Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, his first ministerial post. Three years later he became one of the youngest cabinet ministers ever. He introduced many social reforms, abolished sweated labor.
Despite being a good politician his love life wasn’t so great. During those years Churchill proposed to three women which all turned him down. Apparently they weren’t interested in his political career. Soon he met one that was interested in him and his political career, the future Mrs. Churchill, Clementine Hose. Their first meeting did not go so well. Their daughter Diana Churchill remembers how her mother told her that she felt uncomfortable when a man just stood there and gazed at her and when he asked her for a dance, she took her exit very quickly. They did not see each other for another four years until they met by chance at a dinner party. After an evening spent in each others company, they felt attracted to each other. A few weeks later she was invited with him to insertnamehere palace to spend a weekend as a guest at Churchill’s cousin the duke of Mallborn. At the end of the weekend, the 11th of August, Churchill proposed to Clementine at the very place he was born. She accepted and they decided to keep their engagement a secret until she could go to London and tell her mother. But Churchill couldn’t hold his excitement, when he saw his closest friend at the palace, he rushed up to him, embraced him, and in full sight of several palace servants blurted out the news. On 12 September 1908, at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, Clementine married the ten year older Churchill.
In 1911 Churchill...

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