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Windshield Survey Essay

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Windshield Survey
December 3, 2012
Pamela Smith


Windshield Survey

A community is a group of people who live in the same area, interact with each other, and share certain norms and values. A community is defined as a locality-based entity, composed of systems of formal organizations reflecting societal institutions, informal groups, and aggregates that are interdependent and whose function or expressed intent is to meet a wide variety of collective needs (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012).
Community health is the process or characteristics that allow a community’s population and economy to survive. Community health is defined as the meeting of collective needs ...view middle of the document...

I met the family that I chose for the windshield survey at my four year olds preschool class. Their son attends class with my daughter. We enjoy talking before class lets out. I have learned a lot about them and find their family interesting. They were gracious to let me in their home to observe their family unit. The mother of the four year old boy is divorced and her son is also with her ex husband. The mother is 3 months pregnant and her and her new husband got married last week. The newly married couple is expecting a baby girl. They are very excited to begin this journey as a new family. When traveling to their home I observe boundaries such as rail roads. They live in Will county which is rural. They live in a two story brick home. They are renting and believe the home was built in the 1970's. The home is well kept. It does not have central air and uses base board heaters for their heat. They occasionally have plumbing issues in the upstairs bath. The hoses on their street are evenly spaced with good sized yards and sidewalks. Their home is open and attractive. I observe many neighbor hood kids playing together in the front yards and drive ways this afternoon. Their son is playing with the next door neighbor boy who is also 4 on the front porch. I see kids riding bikes and skate boarding on the sidewalks. Most houses have one to two cars in the driveways. You can hear the nearby trains going by. The family lives close to the highway and you can hear highway traffic as well. There is a nearby park and a grade school about 3 blocks from their street. About a quarter mile from their home is shopping centers and grocery stores. Many are within walking distance but I do not observe anyone traveling by foot. It appears most individuals choose to use their vehicles for shopping. I see a few people in the neighborhood with dogs. This family has a cat which is sunning itself in the window. None of the houses appear abandoned but there are two houses on their street that are up for sale. The yards are kept and I see an elderly couple outside doing yard work and raking leaves. I observe one neighbor hanging Christmas lights from the roof. The neighborhood has a mix of ethnicity. I see Hispanic,...

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