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Windshield Paper

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Windshield Survey Assessment Paper

Windshield Survey Assessment Paper
The city of Victorville began in 1962 and started off with a population of 8,000 that has grown to be a population of 121,000, and continues to grow (92392 Zip Code Population and Races, n.d.). The condition of the houses appear to be in mint condition with the exception of some homes in the area of El Evado and Pacoima that have lawns that are dead and full of weeds.  The paint on these homes are chipped and not well kept. There are many apartments in Victorville that appear to look old on the outside, but each apartment building has been renovated to look more twenty first century. There aren't many ...view middle of the document...

Within the city of Victorville the quality of air is considered good with a percentage of 46 out of 50 (92392 Zip Code Air Quality, n.d.).The water pollution of Victorville is reported from the EPA as being 55 which is within the non-pollution limit (92392 Zip Code Air Quality, n.d.). There appears to be no pollution risk of water or air in the city of Victorville as of 2014 (92392 Zip Code Air Quality, n.d.).
Within the Victorville zip code 92392 there is a population of 54,858 and a total of 121,096 in the city of Victorville (92392 Zip Code Population and Races, n.d.). Victorville, 92392 is separated by its boundaries of Palmdale road, Seneca road, and Baldy Mesa. The median resident age of Victorville is 29 years old, with an estimated home income of 44,426 as of 2012 (92392 Zip Code Detailed profile, n.d.). The population of Victorville continues to increase, along with the rate of homeless. In Victorville there is a homeless shelter called “High Desert Homeless services”, where they provide 55 beds to homeless men, women and children with shelter, food, clothing, and basic necessities. They also provide other services such as; classes on life skills, employment job search, GED preparation and child care (Homeless Shelters in Victorville, n.d.). The High Desert Homeless shelter is the only resource Victorville has for providing homeless services to the local families (Homeless Shelters in Victorville, n.d.).
In Victorville there are many grocery stores to provide nutritional needs to the community. There are local Hispanic supermarkets that target the Latino and Hispanic demographics of Victorville. There are grocery stores within close proximity of each neighborhood to provide adequate grocery shopping to the community. Within each grocery store there are signs for SNAP and EBT services, which is an assistance program for low income families to provide them with economic benefits. SNAP is accepted and welcomed in most grocery stores and retail stores of Victorville (USDA SNAP, n.d.). There is a high rate of SNAP services being used by the community of Victorville due to the employment and unemployment rate. The employment rate for Victorville is 1.17 % and unemployment rate is 14% (Victorville Default, n.d.).The highest statistics for the occupations in the Victorville population is; sales, office, and administrative support (92392 Zip Code Detailed profile, n.d.). The second highest occupation in Victorville is; construction, maintenance, and repair (92392 Zip Code Detailed profile, n.d.). The third highest occupation in Victorville is production, transportation, and material moving (92392 Zip Code Detailed profile, n.d.).
There are many schools in the Victorville area, however, in the 92392 area there is one elementary school, one pre-school, two middle schools and two high schools. These schools include: Silverado high school, Vista Verde, Quail valley and Mesa Linda middle school, Eagle Ranch and Hollyvale...

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