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Windows Server 2008 Zone Research Essay

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Microsoft Research Assignment 2 Monday, Feb 2nd, 2015

1. The purpose of the Global Names Zone in Windows server 2008 is used to hold single label names. The Global Names zone is intended to provide single-label name resolution for a limited set of host names, typically corporate servers and web sites that are centrally managed. The Global Names zone is most commonly used to hold CNAME resource records to map a single-label name to a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Global Names Zone functionality is not intended to fully replace Wins. GNZ provides single-label name resolution whereas WINS provides NetBIOS resolution.

2. Because the DNS server that runs on an RODC cannot ...view middle of the document...


If the DNS client on the RODC attempts a DNS update, a writable domain controller running Windows Server 2008 is returned so that the RODC can perform the update.

3. The DNS Server service in Windows Server® 2008 makes data retrieval faster by implementing background zone loading. In the past, enterprises with zones containing large numbers of records in Active Directory® experienced delays of up to an hour or more when the DNS Server service in Windows Server 2003 tried to retrieve the DNS data from Active Directory on restart. During these delays, the DNS server was unavailable to service DNS client requests for any of its hosted zones. 

To address this issue, the DNS Server service in Windows Server 2008 retrieves zone data from Active Directory in the background after it starts so that it can respond to requests for data from other zones. When the service starts, it creates one or more threads of execution to load the zones that are stored in Active Directory. Because there are separate threads for loading the Active Directory-based zones, the DNS Server service can respond to queries while zone loading is in progress. 

If a DNS client requests data in a zone that has already been loaded, the DNS server responds appropriately. If the request is for data in a zone that has not yet been entirely retrieved, the DNS server retrieves the specific data from Active Directory instead. 

This ability to retrieve specific data from Active Directory during zone loading provides an additional advantage over storing zone information in files-namely that the DNS Server service has the ability to respond to requests immediately. When the zone is stored in files, the service must sequentially read through the file until the data is found.

4. Background zone loading will reduce the time needed to start the DNS Server service. The impact will probably...

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