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Windows 2003 Server Essay

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{DATE\@ "03/09/2006"}Student's Name: Yasser AliyanAssignment Type: Individual ProjectUnit: 5Course: ITN 420-0601B-01Prof: Dr. Ike OkonkwoCover PageWindows 2003 ServerIPSecc Protocol, andGroup of PolicyYasser AliyanIndividual Project; Unit: 5Course: ITN 420-0601B-01Prof: Dr. Ike OkonkwoDifficulties and Problems:The difficulty is that, depending on how each system connected is configured, communications with non-IPSec clients will not be encrypted.IPSec support for IPv4 was added after the fact, whereas it is an inherent part of IPv6. However, Microsoft's Help files state that the implementation of IPSec that comes with Server 2003 IPv6 is not recommended for production use. This is because it uses static keying and does not provide for updating of keys when sequence numbers are ...view middle of the document...

In other words, the IPSec aspect of IPv6 in Server 2003 is not ready for prime time.IPSec policies are configured and stored as part of local and Active Directory group policies (although Windows Server 2003 also provides an option to use a persistent store for the location of locally assigned IPSec policy, independent of group policies. (This is accomplished with the NETSH command line utility, as described later in this article.) In either case, there are three pre-configured IPSec policies.Client (respond only),Server (request security), andSecure Server (require security),listed in the order of increasing security level. Creation of new ones is simplified by IP Security Policy Wizard, with associated sub-wizards (e.g., IP Security Rule Wizard, IP Filter Wizard, and IP Security Filter Action Wizard); however, even with help from the wizards, a number of available configuration settings can be initially overwhelming. After a policy is defined, it must be assigned (by selecting the Assign option from the context-sensitive menu of a selected IPSec policy) to become effective. Obviously, in case of a local policy, assignment applies to the local system, while in case of an Active Directory group policy, its impact depends on a container to which the policy is linked (as well as Security Group and WMI filtering settings). an Active Directory Security Group Named "Authorized Computers"

On DC1, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Active Directory Users and Computers.


In the console tree, right-click


Click New, click Group, type Authorized Computers in Group Name, and then click OK.

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