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Wind Power In Global Community Essay

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Wind Power in Global Community

The energy obtained from the wind power is renewable and it could preserve and extend the uses of the exhaustible sources of energy like oil, natural gas, coal and uranium for other purposes.
“Free input and cheap output” technology could be beneficial to many countries.
Currently, five countries – Germany, USA, Denmark, India and Spain – concentrate more than 83% of worldwide wind energy capacity in their countries. The utilization of this renewable source of power is fast spreading to other areas of the world 1.
And I want to take as example my company (Siemens Wind Power) where I am currently working. We have the offices in China, India, USA and Europe and run a lot of projects in the rest of the world. So, for us it is ...view middle of the document...

Even if solution is found I have to send it to my colleagues in India for simulation and further analysis. Meanwhile, I am also contucting suppliers(as inside the country and outside) regarding this defected part to find the possible solutions from their side. Final drawing will be send to Procurement after that. The job is done from my side, but I realize that I am only the small part of a long chain. That is why good management skills will help me to perform on a high level and help to the project in general.
I believe that only the combination of all modules gives me the best insight to my field of work. But my personal interest is on Organisational Behavior and People Management. We are multinational company and I really enjoy meeting and working with a lot of different people. I think that completing of this module might help me to improve my professional performence.
Concluding my post, I would like to shortly describe my working environment. We are around 4000 people who are working only in Brande, Denmark (total amount of employees is around 7800 people 2). You can imagine how busy is here. I am sitting in one of the buildings and overlooking the wind turbine just outside my window. But from time to time we are moving around the building, depending on the project and people who are involved in.


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