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Win The Contract Essay

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Win the Contract
Business 330
Professor Bridges
May 27, 2016

Imagine your small business produces very small remote control aircraft capable of long sustained flights. You are ready to expand your business by competing for Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. You wish to bid on a contract that will be worth over $600,000 to your expanding company.

Select the simplified acquisition method that fits your company the most, and then provide a rationale for your selection. Note: Remember you are a small business that will have a massive expansion if you win this contract.

Far Part 13, Simplified Acquisition Procedures, identifies the policies and procedures for the acquisition ...view middle of the document...

BPAs are established under the following circumstances as per FAR 13.303-2(a):
(1) There is a wide variety of items in a broad class of supplies or services that are generally purchased, but the exact items, quantities, and delivery requirements are not known in advance and may vary considerably.

(2) There is a need to provide commercial sources of supply for one or more offices or projects in a given area that do not have or need authority to purchase otherwise.

(3) The use of this procedure would avoid the writing of numerous purchase orders.

(4) There is no existing requirements contract for the same supply or service that the contracting activity is required to use.

BPAs essentially set up a “charge account” with qualified sources of supply and on the onset, be negotiated and files reviewed at least annually to ensure authorized procedures are being followed. The BPA itself is not a contract and at any time if either party, the government or contractor, decides the agreement has no future value, can provide notification to the other party to terminate the agreement. Intended discontinuance of the agreement must be expressed via written notification at least 30 days before anticipated cancellation.
A BPA would be perfect for a growing small business. With the expectation of a massive expansion, purchases or calls will be rotated between all contractors holding a BPA for the requirement allowing for maximum productivity of the company. BPAs are established whenever practicable to facilitate future purchases if recurring requirements for the same or similar supplies or services are likely and qualified sources are willing to accept a BPA. Using this simplified acquisition method provides convenience, efficiency and reduces costs.
Analyze all parts and sections of the...

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