William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing is set in the Elizabethan era, in a town called
Messina. The play is about two main characters that fall in love and
decide to marry, but their happiness is short lived when a friend's
brother decides to play a trick on them, and it all goes horribly
wrong. The play seems to be about how women were portrayed and treated
in the Elizabethan era and how certain situations were ...view middle of the document...

Eventually the night watchman hears Borachio bragging about the
plan and Hero's innocence is restored.

Claudio hears, and believes that Hero is dead. He is distraught that
he made an false accusation and he is even more upset that Hero's
dead. Leonato tells Claudio that for his punishment h must tell
everyone that Hero is innocent and he must marry his niece. He gets to
the church, prepared to marry the "masked woman" at the alter, when he
finds out that it is Hero who is the "masked woman."

Leonarto, I think was pressured into believing the worst of his
daughter because it seemed that he couldn't stand up to people in the
village, as he thought that his social status would be effected by
this. This means that he was more interested in saving face rather
than sticking up for his own daughter, Hero. This would make him
appear weak although he was a good father to Hero and an uncle to
Beatrice. Hero would also seen like this as she refused to stand up
for herself when she was accused of having an affair with Borachio,
instead she decided that it would be easier if she "plays" dead,
rather than speak up for herself. Which means that she suffers greatly
in the play due to this factor. However Beatrice is completely the
opposite of this, she is not afraid to speak her mind, and tell people
what she thinks of them. I think that, even though Beatrice seems to
be witty and sharp, she is quite vulnerable in the play. Also the fact
that she does not seem to want to marry, makes it appear as though she
does not want to get hurt, and submit her will to a controlling
husband. Benedick appears to be a calming influence around the
characters around him, act four scene 1 is a good reference to this as
he refuses to judge Hero when Claudio was accusing her,

and Benedick wanted to know all the facts before making his decision
whether Hero was guilty or not. Benedick has the same views of
marriage as again, I think he is afraid to get hurt, just like
Beatrice, but when he over hears Claudio and Don Pedro discussing
Beatrice's love for him, he quickly changes his mind and encourages
marriage. He also seems to be a bit of an entertainer among others, I
think this is a way to show his true feelings, such as "play fighting"
with Beatrice for an example. Claudio however is not one to hide his
feelings towards people, especially Hero. In act four scene one he
makes the mistake of accusing Hero of something that she did not do,
this is down to the fact that Claudio thinks whatever he sees or hears
is true. This is a problem on its own as he thinks the worst of her
before getting proof that it was indeed her.Act four; Scene One gives
a clear impression of Elizabethan times. Women were clearly treated as
second-class citizens. Men expected them to be demure, innocent and
proper. Men were seen as being...

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