William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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William Golding's Lord of the Flies

I will look at the establishment of democracy on pages thirty one and
onwards and how the democracy is shattered from page one hundred and
ninety three and onwards.

When the conch was first found it represents something powerful but
fragile and Piggy says "It's ever so valuable" along with "Careful!
You'll break it". When Jack, Ralph and Simon return from the mountain
and hold another meeting there is order and peace along with respect
for people's thoughts. It became "silent" as Ralph "lifted the pink
shell to his knees", he "cleared his throat" and "all at once he found
he could fluently and explain what he had ...view middle of the document...

Ralph who is the leader tries to keep peoples moral up by pointing out
all the good factors of the island. He says "this is a good island.
We-Jack, Simon and me-we climbed the mountain. It's wizard. There's
food and drink and-" He uses lots of "ands" because he's rushing and
has not thought through what he is saying and instead is just saying
everything he think of. He tries to make it look like a fairy tale and
people begin shouting out the first thing that comes to their head
without really thinking. Ralph carries on saying "There's pigs",
"There's food; and bathing-water in that little stream over there-and
everything. All this excitement means people don't think things
through and are left brainwashed to believe the island is a great
place and have probably forgot about Piggy's speech.

William Golding here shows how easily people can be brainwashed by
grand speeches from inspiring individuals as present today where the
British government used the fear of weapons of mass destruction in
Iraq to scare people into agreeing to go to war in Iraq without
properly thinking it through.

Despite what at first seemed a very stable and strong democracy it
soon broke down and the people became divided and were under the
dictatorship of Jack who had become savage and murderous. The once
strong and thriving democracy was now torn with Jack's tribe making up
the bulk of the children going out killing pigs and terrorising
Ralph's tribe. The once powerful conch no longer commanded people to
join the meetings and Ralph are left weak and virtually powerless. He
and the last remaining members of his tribe make one final attempt to
turn the people back into their civilised selves and return to

Ralph's tribe approach the fort and see "Roger's dark face" at the top
of the fort already preparing us for what Golding has in store for us
later on. As Ralph walks further up he stops and blows the conch to
call a final assembly on the island and Roger "took up a small stone
and flung it between the twins aiming to miss". This causes "some
source of power" to "pulse in Roger's body" which is the sick
excitement of wanting to throw...

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