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William Clark Research Paper
When Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, he bought land that had previously never been explored by Americans. When the time came to explore these lands, Meriwether Lewis called upon William Clark to assist him in his expedition. Clark created the first detailed map of the West, and was an integral part of the continuation of the expedition.If it wasn’t for William Clark and the maps he created on the journey, western settlement might have never been possible.
William Clark was born on August 1st, 1770, in Caroline County, Virginia. Clark was the youngest of five older brothers, who ...view middle of the document...

These two men would lead the first transcontinental journey by the United States.
Clark spent several months preparing for the expedition by studying astronomy and map-making. The goal of the expedition was to find the most direct and practicable route across the continent. They left the training grounds on May 14th, 1804, and started up the Missouri River. The Expedition established relationships with dozens of indigenous nations, without whose help the expedition would have starved or become lost in the Rocky Mountains. During the expedition, Clark was in charge of mapping the area around them, leading hunting expeditions and managing the supplies they had. Once they reached the Pacific, Lewis and Clark took different routes back. Lewis took a portion of the men and navigated the Yellowstone River to the Missouri River. The two parties then reunited in St. Louis and returned as one party on September 23rd, 1806.
During the expedition, Clark was in charge of mapping the area around them. The first significant map he drafted was completed during the winter of 1804-1805. The map focused on upper Mississippi and Missouri. As they continued the journey, Clark kept careful compass records,...

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