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Will The Web Kill Colleges Essay

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The argument presented in “Will the Web Kill Colleges?” discusses the changing of traditional colleges over online colleges by using the internet as the main source of contact and interaction. A few points are made in the article that stands out. Such as, there is an overwhelmingly high demand of cheaper college in today’s economy and that the internet is become a preferred method of completing a degree. The method in which redundancies can be removed is also discussed. As well as, how online colleges offer a varied range of classes, which satisfies learners choosing to go to school.
The key points of the points of the argument are as follows: “Online classes are simply cheaper to ...view middle of the document...

91). Acquiring an online degree is cheaper, as stated above, and it allows for a more flexible environment for students who want to get an education, work, and complete coursework at home.
Because of this flexibility, it is more appealing for students to make the switch from the traditional classroom to the virtual classroom and even more so as time passes. Online college enrollment could continue to rise if more credibility is gained. Chaffee (2012), stated that “cultural shift will be required before employers greet online degrees without skepticism and young students accept that “college” might me staying home with Mom and Dad” (p. 92).
           Some of the questions I have for the author are fairly direct. First, what are some other cost-saving allowances that may make brick -and-motor universities more appealing in the future? Can these institutions increase customer service to levels needed to make well-known online education programs work? Since it has been shown that there is a deficiency in students who have a large amount of institutional loyalty, how would students participating in online learning react to the absence of face-to-face options to online courses? Can brick and mortar institutions scale up customer service to levels needed to make widespread online education work?
The author is correct in his argument regarding online education. There will most likely be increases in degree programs, workshops, and courses due to the demand for online education that colleges and universities need to consider. Their response to this matter should be noted as well. The web can be a tool for collaboration and virtual teaming, critical thinking, and enriched student engagement. Instructors are foreseen to use wireless technologies, digital libraries, and simulations. There are so many options already available and will be even more in the future.
One ethical question that is raised by the vision of the future is, has the issue of cheating, for example, plagiarism, falsification of records, or any other actions that may improperly affect the evaluation of a student academically been addressed? Online learning opens the door to these kinds of acts and most schools cover this matter, but it wasn’t addressed in the argument. A second question, with the omission of face-to-face interaction does that make learning any more or less difficult on both the teacher and student. It would seem to make things easier for the instructor in regards to teaching or downloading assignments and grading, then posting grades. The same convenience would be in effect in regards to chatting with students in portals specifically designed for that purpose as opposed to scheduling a time to meet in the instructor’s office. The last question would be why did he only take the cost of education as a reason students chose certain colleges?
A business that has implications of the Web now as well as in the future is Wal-Mart. As one of the top...

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