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Wild Grapes Poem Analysis As Author

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I am thoroughly delighted that my poems ‘Wild Grapes’, ‘North Country’ and ‘Sleep’ have been successful. I do not write these poems for fame or money, but as an enjoyable use of my leisure time. It is an extra bonus that others enjoy reading them and become engulfed in the imaginary world I am able to create through poetic licence. Many of my ideas and images are conveyed through the use of poetic techniques and language.
I have intentionally written the poem ‘Sleep’ in a specific manner to convey different meanings and to provide an opportunity for the reader to interpretate this poem in their own way.
Within this poem I have included two voices to replace the traditional role of a ...view middle of the document...

I am particularly fond of creating water imagery within my poems, and have included it within ‘Sleep’. I have used the line,(?) ‘ i shall bear you down my estuary’, to represent the journey of the foetus through the reproductive(?) system. The word ‘estuary’ means the wide part of a river where it nears the sea, and is of a fresh and salt water mix. The word ‘bear’ is used as it is connotative and contains the meaning of ‘giving birth’. I have continued the use of water imagery by using the words ‘carry you, and ferry you’. I have intentionally used these phrases as they are very protective and are of, indubitably, a personal approach. The purpose of these phrases was to represent a mother comforting and protective her child. I have created additional water imagery with the line ‘consume you, engulf you’, as it creates the image of water totally encompassing an area. I am fond of the use of water imagery within this line as it emphasises the concept of protection and of uniting as one. My main purpose had been to signify the uniting of a mother and child, though it can also be interpreted as the uniting with sleep or a lover. The idea of ‘lovers’ is continued within other lines, such as ‘take you and receive you’. This line contains a sexual connotation. This concept is continued in the line, ‘huger waves continually’, which also contains water imagery. This can metaphorically mean the waves of love, or the process of intercourse. Though, it is also open to the original interpretation of the foetus as it could represent the contraction of the muscles in the womb when pregnant. I have used the phrase ‘my belly’ as it is connotative as a source of life but also a vulnerable part of the body. The foetus’ journey throughout the poem is continued here as it is the literal image of pregnancy. Once again I am delighted that I have achieved the potential for other interpretations whilst still conveying my main ideas, as ‘my belly’ could also refer to a metaphorical image of sleep, or even interpreted as a metaphor for...

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