Wife Of Bathe Reaction Paper

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Reaction paper to The Wife of Bath Prologue
I love The Wife of Bath. The tale features a character that seems to resemble a
feminist. But in Chaucer’s time, feminism was something completely crazy and the pilgrims reacted negatively to it. Even though the pilgrims thought she was bonkers, The Wife of Bath had no fear about displaying herself as she really was. She wasn't ashamed of the fact she had been married five times, and was about to marry again. She hid nothing. She was fierce.
In the prologue that I read, the pilgrim did not see the Wife of Bath as an upstanding woman, but she didn't desire to be seen as what one would call an “upstanding woman.” Almost as soon as she began speaking in the prologue, she explained that she had gone through five husbands, and she was on the look out for a sixth. The Wife says that she married for money: "...I’ll tell the truth. Those husbands I had, three of them were good and two of them bad. The three I call “good” were rich and old.” The ...view middle of the document...

Just like Blanche, the Wife really reinforces that Women must have control of their husbands, according to the Wife, and she is proud of the fact that she governed her husbands. If she had to put them in their place, she would make her husbands feel guilty, even if they had nothing to feel guilty for. She say things like, “Oh! You're late, aka you've been cheating!” And by manipulating into them thinking that, they'd give her what she wants. The Wife of Bath also made it known that she was not solo on this. She also believed that women, if they know what’s good for them, could lie twice as well as men can and that all women basically behave the way she does.
In conclusion, the wife wanted what every woman wants in a relationship; POWER. The Wife of Bath came across coo-coo, But would she in today’s society? There are plenty of women out there who marry for money. Some of them like to flaunt it, while others do not. There is one thing that would make The Wife of Bath not as successful today and that's what we call a pre-nup. But besides having a man in a relationship you can also take this “theory” and apply it to the work room. A man is always thought of higher in the business world. Even though more woman are making it and achieving just as much as the man, still the man has an advantage and is most likely to get hired over woman just because of the fact they think he can run a business better or is smarter, or whatever reason. I'm not saying you should use exactly what the Wife of Bath did and use sex and manipulation as a way to become successful, but know the game. What I mean is, The Wife obviously knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. Woman of today should too. Become the man, but be the “wo-man.” Know what you need to do to achieve it is it what you want and go at it. The Wife went to extremes, but as woman we have things that man don't have, and plays those to your advantages. The Wife of Bath felt that all women act the way she acted, and if they did not, then they should. She is feminism. She represents what woman should do today, strive to be better than the wife that hides in the corner and caters to a man, be powerful and claim what you can as a woman!

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