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Wide Area Networking Essay

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Cecilia Lopez
Instructor: Ms. Ybarra
Intro to Networking NT1210
Wide-Area Networking
Unit 7 Lab 7.1: Distance Considerations
Exercise 7.1.1
It’s impractical for an organization to own the entirety of a WAN because it would be very expensive for the company to run all the lines necessary and to pay for all the labor to keep the WAN up and running. It is less expensive for an organization to own a LAN so that’s why it is favorable for them to maintain ownership of it.
Exercise 7.1.2
The further a signal is transmitted on a LAN lessens the strength of the signal. To transmit signals over a long distance access points are required which also decreases signal strength.
Exercise 7.1.3
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The transmission is then sent through low noise block with an integrated feedhorn which sends the information down coaxial cables that go into the customer home to give them television.
2. The transmission is sent out wirelessly into the air and down into a WLAN.
Exercise 7.2.1
Limitations of using a dedicated leased line is speeds at which is transmitted through the lines. The company that supplies the communication sells different speeds and its up to the customer to choose which speed they want.
Exercise 7.2.2
The benefits to using a partial-mesh topology is that if one line in the topology goes down you are still able to send data to wherever it is destined to go.
Exercise 7.2.3
The benefits of a Hub and Spoke WAN topology is that it is less expensive to create than a partial-mesh or a full-mesh topology. It is less desirable because if one of the lines goes down then the network is not connected and you are unable to send data.

Exercise 7.2.4

Exercise 7.2 Review
1. PPP- from one point to another, rather than broadcast. A control protocol is a protocol that runs atop the Point-to-Point...

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