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Wide Area Network Design – Acme Manufacturing

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Wide-Area Network Design – ACME Manufacturing
Axia College of the University of Phoenix

August 7th, 2011

ACME Manufacturing Company Overview
One of the biggest challenges in technology today is creating a solution based upon a company’s needs while trying to be economical. ACME Manufacturing is a growing company that has 5 different locations throughout the world. Company headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Three distribution centers are located in Chicago, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; and New York City, New York; with a recent plant coming online in China.
The challenge comes by identifying what the company needs. Beyond the obvious networking requirement the ...view middle of the document...

There will be a VPN cable redundancy line (3 meg up/3 meg down) from Chicago to New York and from Chicago to Phoenix. The plant in China will be connected to the Atlanta office via a Satellite circuit, and China will also have a VPN redundancy connection via Internet Service Provider to Atlanta (speed unknown, but not to be less than T1 equivalent). The only weak point to this design is that the china connection is dependent upon the Atlanta office to communicate to the rest of the company, however, if the Atlanta office is down, the distribution sites can be configured to use the Internet vpn connection via their redundant cable connections.

Network Overview

Each location will be assigned an IP range:

* Atlanta –
* Chicago –
* Phoenix – 192. 168.100.0/24
* New York – 192. 168.125.0/24
* China –

Each location will use a DHCP range as well for any wireless connections:

* Atlanta –
* Chicago –
* Phoenix –
* New York –
* China –

I recommend using the following Cisco products and the quantities at each location:

Atlanta, Georgia

2 x Cisco AS5300 Gateway/Firewall (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2011)
8 x Cisco 3600 Router (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2011)
1 x Cisco Aironet 1260 Series Access Point (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2011)

Distribution and Manufacturing sites

1 x Cisco AS5300 Gateway/Firewall (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2011)
2 x Cisco 3600 Router (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2011)
1 x Cisco Aironet 1260 Series Access Point (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2011)

The following list details each connection and the protocols used

IP Addressing, DMZ, and VLAN Assignments

Firewall A (AS5300) - S0: (toward Chicago)
Eth0: (DMZ)
Eth1: Weight 100 (secondary line) (DMZ)
Router A - S1: (DMZ)
Router B - S1: Weighted 100 (secondary line) (DMZ)

Protocol: TCP/IP; RIP

Firewall (AS5300) - S1:
S2: (VPN to New York via Cable Circuit)
S3: (VPN to Phoenix via Cable Circuit)
Eth2: (DMZ)
Eth3: Weight 100 (secondary line) (DMZ)
Router A - S1: (DMZ)
Router B - S1: Weight 100 (secondary line) (DMZ)

Protocols: TCP/IP; RIP

Firewall A (AS5300) - S0: (toward Phoenix)
Eth0: (DMZ)
Eth1: Weight 100 (secondary line) (DMZ)
Router A - S0: (DMZ)
VLAN0: Executive Group
VLAN1: Engineering
Router B - S0: Weight 100 (secondary line) (DMZ)
VLAN0: Executive Group
VLAN1: Engineering


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