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Why You Think It Is Important – And Part Of Your Responsibility – To Promote Appropriate Behaviour And Respect For Others And Ways You Would Go About Promoting Equality And Value Diversity Through Your Approaches To Education And Training

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Why you think it is important – and part of your responsibility – to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others and ways you would go about promoting equality and value diversity through your approaches to education and training

The most important task for teacher is to educate the learner. To do so the better learning environment has to be created in the classroom. Positive behaviour or good behaviour of students motivates the teacher to do a better delivery or better teaching for his students. Because of this action students also get motivated and have a better learning.

Negative behaviour or unacceptable behaviour prevents effective teaching and learning from ...view middle of the document...

I built an effective relationships through some strategies. I use a wide variety of verbal and physical reactions to learners who misbehave, such as moving closer to the misbehaving student and using a physical cue politely, such as finger to the lips to point out inappropriate behaviour.

I earned appropriate level of corporation from the learners by talking informally with students before, during and after lesson about their interests. I used to compliment students on important achievements in and outside of school.

I always teach inside the exact time frame, not to go beyond the time limit and give breaks at the right time.

I pay attention to the features of teaching and classroom management which are conducive to maintaining good discipline and effective learning in the classroom.

I handle misbehaviour quickly and calmly so that the pace of the lesson is not disturbed and further disruption can be avoided.

Ground rules were set mutually with learners to punish the misbehaving students. I set the punishment not to humiliate or degrade the student or not to take revenge on the learner or be biased on him.
To encourage the learners who are at their best behaviour can be rewarded accordingly. I give a credit to learners who maintain their positive behaviour verbally.

To promote equality and value diversity I follow these approaches much as possible.

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