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Why You Should Have A High Fiber Diet

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Why You Should Have a High- Fiber Diet
Felicia J Town
Devry University
Carol Cujec
Aug 09, 2009

Why You Should Have a High- Fiber Diet
POW-POP-POP-POP! My body jolted in the air from the violent expansion that played in my stomach. I slithered out of my rack (for you non-Navy folks, a rack is a bed on a ship) and crept my clothes on. POW-POP-POP-POP! “OO,” was the only sound that I could audibly display. I heaved my body up the ladderwell (stairs) as the fireworks in my intestines became an old western showdown. After I painted the portrait of my agonizing adventure, the medical ward staff rushed me to the X- ray; ...view middle of the document...

You can have a diet that consists of only donuts but is that healthy? Fiber mainly derives from the outer layers of plants. It is a distinctive type of carbohydrate that travels through the digestive system, without being broken down into nutrients. The main source of energy for all body functions are comprised of carbohydrates. There are two types of fiber: insoluble – encourages regular bowel movements and soluble – have heart and diabetes benefits. Insoluble fiber isn’t sponged up by the body; it acts like an ax wielding colon superhero. Its job is to clean the walls of the colon and fight off parasitic toxins. Soluble fiber is converted to fuel for the body, by healthy intestinal bacteria in the colon. It has the speed of dripping Heinz ketchup; it binds to fatty acids and lingers around so that you have that “I’m full” sensation longer. Colon cancer is the number two cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Ulrike Peters, PhD, and colleagues at the National Cancer Institute found that people who ate at least 36 grams of high-fiber foods had a 27% less chance to develop polyps, the beginning process of colon cancer, if left untreated. Sheila Bingham, PhD, of the UK Medical Research Council, determined that people, who doubled their fiber intake, decreased their risk of developing colon cancer by 40%. Danielle Burgess, a Kansas City native, was 17 when she was diagnosed with colon cancer, the youngest person on record. Type-2 diabetes could lead to heart disease, blindness, nerve damage and kidney damage. Nicole Davis, a childhood friend of my sister’s, was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes at the age of 15 and was legally blind by the age of 17. I believe that everyone has a story that relates to one of these diseases. So why not try to prevent them? Many people may be afraid of change but gradually adding high fiber foods to your diet can be the start of a better lifestyle altogether. You should add high fiber foods to your diet but treat it like a new relationship. Take it slow; your body will need time to adjust. In addition, guzzle down plenty of non-caloric fluids, at least eight glasses, to partner fiber in the digestion process. What is the recommended daily fiber allowance? It’s between 25 and 38 grams per day. The average American ingests only around 12 grams. A diet should consist of both types of fiber. Three servings of whole grains and at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables should suffice. Examples of high fiber foods are: legumes, beans, dried fruit, berries, greens, nuts, whole grains and seeds. Charles sped down highway 94 as if he were a bank robbery evading the police. Sweat beaded down his eyebrows like he was sitting in a sauna. He squirmed in his seat with a look of torment on his face. The night before Charles had taken an herbal laxative called Cascara Sagrada....

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