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Why Work And Learning Essay

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Why Work and Learning in Canada Must Account for
Canadian Realities and Management Perspectives
Work and learning in Canada is different than work and learning in other countries. Immigration into Canada has produced a very diverse society which translates to a diverse workforce. Canadian realities and management perspectives play a major role in work and learning in Canada.
Canada is an expensive country to live in, and it is important for Canadians to graduate from high school and attend college or university thereafter. Learning for Canadians does not stop at college or university graduation. Canadians continue to learn in the work environment.
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Education is also expensive, and may be cost prohibitive for some individuals. Some organizations recognize that educated employees provide significant value to an organization and are willing to invest in them by offering educational opportunities. Ideally, employers would like to hire people who already have significant education but if a company can find an individual who fits in with the company culture and has potential, companies that support education will take the opportunity to provide learning opportunities to those employees.
In the company I work for, all levels of management value education. For me personally, management has encouraged and supported my efforts to obtain education in the field of human resources. I earned an HR Management Certificate through Continuing Education department of the University of Calgary and am now enrolled in the Human Resources and Labour Relations program at Athabasca University. Without management’s encouragement and the company’s financial support, I do not believe I would have pursued this education.
Of course, management and companies will only support education for employees that will benefit the business of the company. If the education or training is not going to help the employee to perform their role in the company better or more efficiently, there is no benefit to the company and management will not support the education. All education undertaken by employees will benefit them personally but the company must also benefit, especially when the company is providing support.
Some employees will perform their jobs well but have no interest in learning new skills or furthering their education. It takes a lot of dedication to continue learning while working fulltime and some people are not interested in the extra work or they are content with the role or position in the company.
Management’s perspectives play a significant factor in how much training is offered and who receives the training. In some organizations, employees receive the training necessary to allow them to perform their job but are not given an opportunity to learn additional skills which could help them advance their careers. In other organizations only those who hold higher level positions are offered additional training.
Canadian employees are fortunate because equal learning opportunities are provided to both males and females in the workforce. Women in other countries do not have the same learning opportunities as Canadian women or the same opportunities for growth and advancement. Many organizations also support part-time or shared roles which make it easier for employees, in particular women, to work but also be available to their families.
Working in Canada provides educational opportunities for employees to continue to improve their skills, making themselves more employable but also positively supporting the company’s bottom line. Management perspectives must support learning and education because...

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