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Why We Should Regulate Doping In Sports

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“Nothing was being done to help the non-dopers, to encourage or support them. Even the clean riders like myself and Moncout knew how easy it was to cheat the tests" (Millar). In Jeremy Rozansky's article "How to Think About Our Steroid Supermen" he discusses the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in sports and how the use of these drugs is unethical because it goes against the sportsmanship spirit of the game. Rozansky also talks about the many ways doping is dangerous and can compromise the health of the athletes involved. He states his opinion that doping in sports sends a bad message to children-that drugs make champions. While these are valid points, However, if PEDs in sports ...view middle of the document...

Perhaps that’s all it is to the spectators, but for the competitors it's a lot more. A professional athletes sport is their livelihood, their job, and if they can't be the best or come close, that means these sportsmen don't get to be a media star, and no media time means they no longer get sponsors that support them and their families and give them a next season. And in cycling you don’t even stand a chance to be triumphant if you are not doping. Doping is or was widespread. Of 21 podium finishers in the Tour de France for the period 1999-2005, 20 of them have been directly linked to doping. Many others have gotten away with it too. Estimates vary but go up to implication that 90% of riders were doping with EPO (Erythropoietin, a hormone produced by the kidney that promotes the formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow) at that time. When the EPO test was first made, it was tested on 102 urine samples from the 1998 Tour de France, with 28 found to be at levels that were above the regular range(Smith). EPO has a short range of detectability, so it is not certain that this test would have caught all users.
In Rozansky's article he also states that steroids are dangerous. "We don’t want our athletes to experience liver cancer, mood swings, drug dependence, high blood pressure, or infertility just to entertain us." While this can be true, isn't it also true that the very nature of athletic sport is to push the athlete to their extreme, which can be dangerous? Professional sports causes more deaths, both in practicing and competition, than steroids do, and it also results in millions of crippling injuries every year. Young men end up paralyzed for life from playing football. If a performance enhancing drug is significantly less hazardous than the training for that sport, or than actual contending in it, then the dangers of the drug are so low that it makes them irrelevant. Anabolic steroids are nothing more than the synthetic variety of the natural hormone, testosterone. In its natural form it is a byproduct of intense training, and many of its worst side-effects like immune deficiency, enlarged ventricles in the heart,...

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