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Why We Dream And What Our Dreams Mean

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Why We Dream and What Our Dreams Mean
There are several theories to why people have the dreams they have. Yet there are no definitive answers to this age old question. One theory is the Evolutionary Theory which states that we dream to practice responses to threatening situations. Cognitive scientist has shown that our amygdala (the fight-or-flight piece of the brain) fires more than normal when we're in REM sleep the time in sleep when we dream. So even though your body is not moving it is practicing the fight or flight response. Another theory is to organize the brain. Everyday our minds are filled with new information both consciously and unconsciously. This theory suggests ...view middle of the document...

This interpretation is spot on I believe. Judging by the amount of times this dream occurred, it has been a main focus for my subconscious. While yet in another dream I am being chased by someone. This signifies that you are avoiding a situation that you do not think is conquerable. It is some form of insecurity. I had this dream twice during the three weeks. And the last dream that I had was of my husband cheating on me. I had this dream three times. The meaning I found for this one is my fear of being abandoned or I may feel a lack of attention in the relationship. Alternatively, it says I may feel that I am not measuring up to the expectations of others. This notion may stem from issues of trust or self-esteem. The dream could also indicate that I am unconsciously picking up hints and cues that my husband is not being completely truthful or is not fully committed in the relationship. Boy, this could not be truer. Out of the twenty-one days I could only remember my dreams on eleven occasions. Those dreams did seem to be ones that were directly connected to my daily life and things that were affecting me personally. It is amazing to me how connected my conscious and subconscious are. I never realized how much things happening in during the day affected me even in my...

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