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Why Was Queen Mary Given The Title Mary Quee Of Scots

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10th February 1587
Dear Emily,
I am writing to inform you about the chaos that has occurred in England.
Before I begin, I would like to take the time in asking about your well being of course the well being of your dear beloved sister Patricia. I hope that you are all well and having a great time living in France!
So, as I was saying, all the havoc is about, this Scottish queen called Mary. As you have been living in France, I would not expect you to understand what is happening here in England, so I will try to explain the situation as much as I can.
Mary became queen of Scotland at a tender age of only a couple of weeks old, can you believe! She succeeded her father James V of ...view middle of the document...

I suppose she got what she deserved! That stupid fellow had convinced himself that, Mary was having an affair with her secretary9 David Rizzio) and he had him killed in front of her. I would not be surprised if she had, had an affair. After all Mary was not a woman who would stay single for long, because she hardly, waited a few weeks before she married her second husband Lord Darnley.
Lord Darnley was killed the following year, he had been found strangled and that was the end of him! That woman has marital problems, as soon as one of her husband’s dies; she jumps the gun and marries the first man who catches her eye, in this instance being the Earl of Bothwell. The Scottish nobles had, had enough, well wouldn’t you if you were them?
Showing their anger, the Scots defeated Mary at the battle of Carberry Hill. He son had been taken away from her and was proclaimed to be King James VI of Scotland, by the Scots. So why was Mary, then interfering with political matters in England. You may ask? Well I can tell you, it is because she is an avaricious woman who tries to grab everything that she can get her grimy hands onto! As the cousin of Mary, queen of Scots, Elizabeth obviously had to weigh up the threats that Mary had posed. Elizabeth made a wise decision to keep Mary in England so that she could keep a close watch on her! However, Mary could not keep herself out of trouble, the Ridolfi was uncovered in 1571, it aimed to murder Elizabeth, free the duke of Norfolk from the tower and from Mary’s house arrest so that they could be King and Queen. Can you believe this outrageous plot against our Queen?
But the Privy Council’s quick wit had a solution to this problem. They drew up a Bond of Association that stated if...

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