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Why Violent Video Games Don't Cause Violent Behavior

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Why Violent Video Games Don’t Cause Violent Behavior

Is your child going to turn into a violent murderer because of the video game he is playing? Is his life doomed by the allure, power and control video games have on his brain and his actions? I think not. Video games have become violent, bloody, ghastly battles against good and evil. Violence has been around as long as humans have inhabited the earth and long before video games. We want to blame someone for the rise in violent behavior and aggression of today’s children and games such as War Craft and Resident Evil become the root of society’s ills.
Violence is not new today, it has been passed down through history just as ...view middle of the document...

Sales of violent video games over the same time period have increased. “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2” busted all previous sales records on its very first day making it the largest entertainment release in history. The question pondered by many; “Does violence in video games make a person commit violent acts?” The evidence speaks for itself. If violence in video games made a person commit violent acts the rise in sales of violent video games would have to correlate with a rise in violent crimes and it does not. As stated previously violence in video games have increased, graphics have become more realistic and sales are up. However, according to the Uniform Crime Report violent crime has been declining since the mid 1990’s. The decline in violent crimes was further reported to have been largely cause by a decrease in youth offense.
As you think about individuals who play video games, our minds seem to conjure up images of an antisocial loner at home dwelling on violent games doomed to be the next Columbine Killer. However, for most young adults and older teens the video games are pure entertainment and a social activity. Friends gather sometimes five and six at a time to play. With the new technology you can spilt the screen and have many individuals playing at the same time or one person will be at the controls with others cheering them on. Terry Flew a Professor of Media and Communication in the Creative Industry, argues that digital games are “increasingly social, a
trend that works against the mainstream media’s portrayal of players as isolated, usually adolescent boys hidden away in darkened bedrooms, failing to engage with the social world”(p.108). Gaming also allows the opportunity to play games on-line with many other players across the world. According to Creative Players in Action, sociologist Talmadge Wright has spent many hours on-line observing online communities interact with and react to violent video games being played on-line according too. She concludes, “conversation about game content provides a context for thinking about rules and rule-breaking. In this way there are really two games taking place simultaneously: one, the explicit conflict and combat on the...

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