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Why travelling is my favorite doing…

I hate to consider “my favorite things” and such as. But, if I should name a favorite activity or hobby, call it what you want, I would say travelling.
I love travelling, travelling is living and living is travelling! You have to expiry meeting other cultures, if you ask me. I think it’s healthy and very educating, especially if you’re not travelling as a tourist, the charter way.
I think you need to not just be around the inhabitants, but also talk with them, and maybe be on your own, live with or just visit a family. Also of course practice their cultural traditions, whether it's dancing, singing, elephant riding or… I will also claim that it will make your trip a lot better and give you the best experience, if you "have read a little lesson" from home, about the planned ...view middle of the document...

Besides Turkey, I went on some longer distance travels with the school. The others was to, Ghana and New York, America.
And it was really spectacular, not just because of the places, but because of the great communication with the destinations, practicing the traditions (in Ghana we got up early, to dance with an organization called African footprints), the community, and the independence - the feeling of standing on our own feet. Perform independently in a foreign country ... but still in the company of other peers friends, so that we all together had the responsibility.
So when it comes to living and travelling… or what my school called it, an educational journey.
In my case, I will say that the best memories and all that I remember from my lifetime this far, mostly are from the trips. When you are in a strange new place with a different culture and strangers, there are so many inputs and new things to discover – well, I just think it's exciting!
I also believe that it is healthy, especially for children, to get away on travels. It is probably good for all people to learn and deal with new situations on strange places. We all need to get away from all of the mitten, sometimes. I think especially children needs to extend their perspective and learn, that the world is a diverse place, with a lot to offer and that each country have their own; culture, atmosphere, traditions, rituals ... People in general, needs to 'shake the bag', if you can say, and get their daily life pushed away for a moment. Isn’t it what most of us feel like, sometimes the daily life becomes too daily?
When you are going on a trip, the feeling of "hey, I can do what I want to do, I have the opportunity to experience", hits you.
May be, when you return you own a certain surplus, so that you can give more, at work or at school.
I think so, indeed. Getting away for a moment, just gives a kick of energy.

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